Monday, May 3, 2010

What Fresh Hell? bX-wfx1q1

This is a big jump.
Don't know if all can make it. Just foolin' with error messages.

I am so very sad for your loss, may God bless and keep you always.

thank you for the kind thoughts.

This is weeks later: from your posts.
Please know my stream of conscience will follow.

What FRESH!! the hell is thIS???

(let's back up!
what this?) as a meaning of IS???)
got it as an error message.
(no bullshit),

I'm so pissed off, hell fire,
I tried to recall every thing MeanDonnaJ ever said, and
take out all the nice words and
friendly and loving things.
Ya know
down to the core pussles.

(and, AND, son of BITCH!!!! she gave me an award!!!
so now I get to
actually, point fingers,

toward the usual suspects.
I received an award, back in December of 2009, from MDonnaJ!

Hell Fire! Do not go quietly into that good night!

I did not even know it was for me.
Turns out I can't read. (dumb ass)

Yet, Thanks MDJ.

Well she and I have/ had discussions in the past, on occasion, regarding my rather (overall) layed back attitude about awards and such!

(See Walking Man, he has a whole drawer full that he gave me, and I will pick them up one day), but hey when an award comes, from MeanDonnaJean, out of the blue for you just bein' yoursameol'sameol'lameassicouldhavebeenacontenderifijusthadkeepatitandnotgoneoffinalldirectionslookingforwhateverthehellcomesmywayandthenfindingitandtheyallsaydamntheboymightbeontosomethingandtheniloseinterestandmoveonandsoonandsoforth.

Ya, jes can't swat flies.

Well anyway, PENolan, gave me this other award and said so on my Nawlens tittie bars post ya know 'bout the award on her blog.

And my blog site is queered, it ain't their fault their livin' in Yankee land???,
(comment not aimed at the gay community) (ahhh jezzzzz)
(come guys! work with me here,

pretty please, with sugar on top,

the Wolf is on the way)

I like queers, gays, light in the...), never mind)))

Now the finger pointing gets to begin:
So I have the usual suspects lined up, to Witt:

(Open with Mother May I)

Mr. Charleston...(mother may I) you talked about Christ, in past post, yeah verily, creationism, take a step forward, please. (did you recommend me for an award????)

JadedJ...(mother may I) you talked about the smell, within 20'. (Knows tOOO much) Please take 2 steps forward, no need to say Mother!!!! May!!!I??????(mother my i ask JadedJ, did you talk about smell??) yes you may. Did You talk about the smell????

Harlequin...(mother may I, let her off with a direction to watch the driver of the bus?)

this one knew when to get on the bus, and most importantly, (ahem) when to get off.

the walking man...(mother may I? yes) say pal?, looking at the expense, good man, by the way, I think we have a dead hole in the engine, can you get us home??

By the way, what made you get on this bus??

PENolan...( Oh Mother May I, please, please, may I??, yes you may.) So you bring awards and praise, thank you so very much. (Encouragement is all ways nice.) I really hope I make you chuckle. (Ok, All right Grin)

JadedJ...Ah Hah!!!! returning to the seine (seen, scene) of the crime.

Now here's the deal, My computer is whacked, but hit'll get straight. I'm still workin' on posting New Orleans. I had a good time but, life has a way of moving on and

happening while one makes other plans.

Hence the wording of this post.

Roll with it.

Flow with it.

God is love.

We are eternal beings.

And, and

there ain't a God Damned thing anyone can do about that.

MeanDonnaJean, Thank you

PENolan, Thank you


  1. Dude I have a thirty foot motor home with a good strong Ford triton 10 cylinder engine in it. I got room enough for everyone to partay and power enough to tow your broke ass car home. But you'll have to sell some of these awards to afford the gas.

    I can't remember last week; how in hell am I supposed to remember how I got stuck in this Georgia (or is it Florida) mud of the absurd?

  2. The error message means you're fucked.

  3. Oh, BTW... I didn't nominate you for an a-ward, what I posted for you was a RE-WARD! Dead or alive!

  4. You are one hell or a fun read. Reading your stuff is like a voyage into the deep recesses of your wild and whacky mind.
    keep writin'
    I'll keep readin'


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