Monday, May 31, 2010

Talkin' at the Texaco

What Fresh Hell is this?

The '60s aren't over; they won't be over until the Fat Lady gets high.
Ken Kesey

True Story

I met the cats at the Texaco, US301 just out side of Waldo.

(Where's Waldo?)

Ken Kesey is alive and well, hell doin' better than I am.

I Help buy gas for the young ones'.

Got Photos. Evidence.

Keep Hope alive.

Keep the Faith Baby!

Keep the Baby, Faith!

Is the Baby named Hope?

(maybe you just had to be there)

These young people were not there, but they got the Idea, given out that day.


  1. I didn't realize that Waldo even had a gas station.

    The flower express...not too sure about that there wood burning stove a few feet from that there gas container. Otherwise, looks like my oldest daughter's room...sans a peace symbol.

  2. Mr. C...I will pass that on.
    JadedJ...Just you wait.

  3. No, what I meant was, daughter's room has a peace symbol...this gizwama bus, does not.

  4. Well, when I wrote Oh,
    I did not mean to offend.
    I was hoping to head off an altercation with a person

    Of odd predilections.

    Oh was offered in a sense of kindness,
    Yeah verily deference to a superior intellect.
    Perhaps one of the Illuminati,
    A chosen one to lead me from my ambling path
    To a more bright and shining path to the truth and the light.

    I can only pray that I find myself on the Road to Shambala.
    My house does not contain a visible peace symbol, but I do have a flag decal on the door. Does that help? But I digress.

    I believe I was looking for a wordier (wordy) reply. I’m afraid I might not have met the criteria.
    Let examine Words. Just what is Wordy, or perhaps it was Woody I meant to speak of.
    Maybe it is time to take my rest. If only that woodpecker and his peckerwood friend will keep quiet for the next few hours.


  5. Well hell, son. "Superior intellect"...stopped right there. Nuff said (6/3/ten)period


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