Tuesday, May 18, 2010

St Augustine part two

All you need in life is ignorance and confidence, then success is sure.
Mark Twain

Ponce de Leon was confident he had found the fountain of youth. Ignorant to any other truth. In a cosmic form perhaps he did. These buildings are rebuilt every few decades and the young families bring their off spring to see the way it was back in the day. Like really back in the day.

Like a blacksmith's shop in a wooden building.

Did someone say supper. Come on now the light is fading.
Eat fast them, mosquitoes'll carry it off.

You can step through that window on the left and be on St. George Street.
Main drag through town.

Mr,. Flagler and his hotels, big time, 'til the damn Hurricane. Who know that f**&^%g bridge would deflect water and wipe out an entire population of that key. 'How did they get there?' On your train big boy.

Is a nice looking building. Use to be a shambles with the freak show Ripley's Believe it or Not. Now it has been brought back. Still has the Freak show.

Hurricane brewin'


  1. Old Ponce started something...too bad the Timucua didn't have the sense to ask for his citizenship papers.

  2. But hey wm, the Timucuas have a country club named after them.

  3. The Timucuas? Who let them forriegners in the building in the first place.

    Nice tour Punch.

  4. I like the caption to the last photo :-)

  5. JadedJ...back in the day,
    Native Americans and/
    Or Indians were not allowed,
    Let alone them Niggras.
    How quickly they forget.

    Mr. Charleston...thanks for not forgettin'.

    intelli...was through two up close and personal.

    "Heaven has no rage like love to hatred turned /
    Nor hell a fury like a woman scorned."
    "The Mourning Bride" (1697)
    by William Congreve.

    Hurricane's shoot fire,
    they come through huffin’ and puffin’
    and on a barrier island, she’ll take everything she can away.
    (AWAY, not move around, make you all wet and stuff,
    or fuss around with the windows and doors, AWAY) Just like the lover gone hater. Gone.
    Done, over. see ya, hit the road Jack!
    But I tell you what, ‘hit was pure white heat when 'hit was good.
    Could not turn ‘hit aloose?
    My, MY, My.
    Please call me anything you want but don't call me late,
    Hell call me early.


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