Sunday, May 16, 2010

What Fresh Hell, May 15 2010

A few posts back IntelliWench chided (sp?) me for just using 'What Fresh Hell? with no greater distinction. aka 'what the fuck are you talkin' 'bout?)
Well 'hit did hurt my feelin's but hits ok.
that happens a lot when people learn about you're from the south.
So's i'm trying to learn how to give a different header to the post. Like 'what fresh hell, oh my god' or 'what fresh hell, jesus f*****' christ' or what 'fresh hell, i don't give a damn'
so hep' me, please hep' me
anyway that is why I like the camera
no sound.

some days i just wish,..... blah blah blah.........

Look at this Dweeb?? It is Florida!!!!! Cotton shirts, dickhead, look at that horse, head down an spent, and you and your armor and sword and that fucking helment. Jesssss get a grip.

I dare you to paint that wall!

Orysters, we used to build with them to fill the concrete.

Just another wall.

Fuel. don't forget.
Ponce whatsit came looking or gold and youth and what ever the fuck and we got oil, from Texas.

Flager Built a railroad and a hurricane 1905 kicked his ass, and he never came back to the state. Rich are rich and poor are poor.

Yeah Mama, let's go!!!??

Just a nice shot? or not.

Skirts filled with air. Please don't call me late.


  1. Oh, Punch, you can have all the Fresh Hell you want!! I just have trouble discerning which hell is closer to its expiration date when there are two or more concurrent days of it.

    I sincerely apologize if feelings were bruised.

    Is this Fresh Hell in St. Augustine?

  2. Well hell son (not fresh, mind you), an injured psyche requires more studied help than is availble here at the absurd, especially regards the ego. In other words, you are on your own, Jack.

    The photos speak for themselves, and have nothing to do with hades. They are fresh, however.

    Ahem, that there "oyster" wall is probably Coquina Rock, which is indigenous in Florida from St. Johns County to Palm Beach County. The Over-dressed Spanish dudes used it in their building erections. The rock is formed over thousands of years from the shells of the tiny coquina clam cemented together through time and nature into a
    solid, but soft, stone. Oyster shells were burned into lime. When mixed with sand and water, the lime became the mortar used to cement separate coquina blocks together.

    Just thought I would point this out before Mr. C does.

  3. a set of photos.... the captions were so .... appropriate (?).
    I like the what the fresh hell.... it needs saying .... time and time again.

  4. OK, on closer examination, those do appear to be oyster shells. Must be post-Espanol.

  5. bruised feelin's at all, just a good like to lead in with, it was a good comment, I came to a realization just yesterday, I want to thank you for the insight.
    JadedJ...thanks for the lesson about coquina, always good to learn a little something new.
    Harliquin...glad you like the captions. Hell comes fresh everyday.
    JadedJ...thanks for the closer look.

  6. What? No arguments? No contention? You're smoking, right?

  7. Just put "more fucking" and drop the what in front of the "what fresh hell."

    How many railroad workers died in that 'cane? If I remember my history right they wouldn't send a train to get them out.


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