Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stuttgart June 2012. A desultory grouping of photographs.

I spent an afternoon in Stuttgart.  
Very nice city.
Very open and welcoming.

Herr Vuitton, das Fraulein?

Yeah Buddy:  the Business of Beauty.

The Art Museum, Stuttgart.  Sir James Frazer Stirling, Architect.

That Glass Block in the back ground is the Art Museum. 
(ahem, yo, by Jimmy Stirling)


  1. Forgot you were going there. Thought it was this week. Love #4.

    1. A small lifetime. I will go back.

  2. Replies
    1. To my mind that photo is 4 times better than the others.
      that would make it 16 times sexier than the others.

  3. Stuttgart is a 3-hour drive from the town where I was born and grew up.

    Germans don't quite have the same morality issues with sexy-ness and nudity that Americans tend to have. Well, some Americans. :-)

    1. It is a pity
      that a fat ass country
      hollerin' the most 'bout freedom
      don't like to look at tight asses.

      If I were three hours from Stuttgart I would spend a lot of time visiting that town.

  4. high art in stuttgart.... nice eye, you cheeky devil, you.

    1. Harlequin, you are just too much.
      I would take a black eye to reach out and touch that cheeky devil.
      Or maybe a slap to a cheek,
      or maybe a slap to... nevermind.

  5. Inever realized there was a stuttgart in hickory hollow! even have your own health club.

    1. Exercise, the new wine. break my heart.

  6. Vas ist los? Did we not bomb the piss out of Stuttgart during the big one?

    So, Mr. cheeky spent a week in Germany and only shot 5 photos??? Albeit damned fine ones (especially numero, er nummer, fünf).

    1. Odd that you should mention the bombing. It was a telling moment with our guide, a friend of my son and his wife, was pointing out the sights from the top of the train station. (I'll post a photo of that next.) She directed our attention to a mountain and said that is the ruins of Stuttgart after the bombing by the Americans. Her voice trailed off as she realized she was speaking to only Americans. It is a huge hill, peeking with any of the surrounding one. I was humbling.
      Yes I do have more photos. over 4000 to be sure. But most are of the wedding. Not for the worlds people.


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