Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Say What?

Some things just don't really translate.


  1. I was with her until she got to the part where she wasn't holding her mouth right. Lost me right there.

  2. I don't know French or sign language and I really don't know much about sex, so I need a book or something.

  3. They should have opted for semaphore.

  4. I really enjoyed the most recent three posts of yours...they seem related to each other in the absurd ways that seem to connect things in this whacky thing we call culture...
    I especially liked the spelling error in the English only conference... totally appropriate!
    I like how intrepid you are.

  5. jadej... well it is another language than english. perhaps it is just her accent.
    E of the R... I could help you write a book?
    Comrade K... that is great, porn semaphore only the very well trained get it and both hands are busy.
    Harlequin... Your perception of culture is excellent.

  6. What was funny is he was telling a fishing story and she was signing about her last hairdresser's appointment. I don't get why they did this under the SEX logo.

  7. Walking M...LOL, it is best to speak several languages

  8. WM...holy Franchy is rusty. I knew she was saying something about hair, but I thought she was talking about that other hair thing...and of course that would explain the SEX label. Thanks for clearing this up.


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