Saturday, July 4, 2009

Low Spark of High Heels...

More from the Suncoast Gran Prix. I found some of the pictures of the boat haulers, I know the boats photos are somewhere close. Stay tooned? Tuned.

A rider after my own heart.

A hauler after my heart.

Her twin sister also after my heart.

My heart painted on the side of an 18 wheeler.

Ok, OK, she did have me seeing double. Well, the sun was very hot, and I needed a drink of water, but water was not on my list of priorites. Maybe a cool pool, to dip ones feet into, Yeah.


  1. Ah're doing funky photo shit tricks with that last one. I had to study it, for a looooooooooong time (as in, "I love you long time") til I figured out it's the same set of legs.

  2. Yes me too. Mucho sneaky.

  3. Not me. I knew it was the same pair of jeans right off the bat. You are talking about the guy aren't you?

  4. At least with two of them it looks like twice the amount of Absolut to pass around. We should have the boat races coming up here pretty soon...I will admit I love the sound of those big 12's roaring down the river.

  5. jadedj...your too quick or me.
    Lou...thank you.
    Mr C....your night life has got to be amusing to those around you.
    Walking M....the boats are beautiful, nothing short about them.


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