Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Five Pound Bass

I was just over to The Peach Tarts site and I learnt a lot of stuff. Man alive. Not to underrate anyone' most especially the broads, I have to say, Peggy is the Godmother of us all.


  1. I liked watching this and glad I had Tarts definitions to help me understand what Peggy was singing about.

  2. Thanks Punch for keeping me entertained every day.

  3. Yeah, brother Punch. Peggy's one of my favorites. Toots too. Is that all there is?

  4. Peggy=smoooooooooooth. I was in love with Peggy Lee as a...uh...toddler. Still am.

    Mr. C---this is a watch it over and over and over and over thing. Savor it. Experience it. Study it. Maybe you will pick up some cool from it...maybe. Nah.


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