Wednesday, July 29, 2009

nuff said

Madonna will kick your ass. You Like a Virgin?

Hi. I'm your date.

Let's Party, it's logical Captian.

Remember me? I'm your date.

Let's go! You and me. Now, some mora on the flora.

Here's your daughter, dickhead.


  1. Damn! No wonder the Africans won't let her adopt any more kids.

  2. This is just disgusting to me as a woman of a certain age. I've loved Madonna from her early club days to her most recent tours. She is who she is, not the greatest singer but a good dancer and performer no doubt.

    This just looks unhealthy and like she's trying too hard to capture an elusive youth. Take 12 steps away from Pilates and the Kaballah. Eat a double quarter pounder with cheese and have a couple of martinis and chill.

  3. Why do you do this shit to me? You know I read this stuff while trying to wake up. Now I have coffee, and lumps of breakfast all over the damned place.

    This is down right scary.

    Don't do this again Punch...or I AM going to retaliate.

  4. Mr. C....that is one of the reasons she got the kid. Seems the adoption agency thought she ate right.
    PeachT...I hope the photos are what are disgusting you and not my posting them. If that is the cast please accept my apoligies. Oh offence meant. While, I'm not a fan, I sorta like her style. I would love to buy her a Royale' with Cheese.
    JJ...My apoligies, but you drink too much coffee anyway. It is scary to think of your retaliation. Might be a coffee nightmare.

  5. Personally I think I would want to sponsor her on the national arm wrasslin tour. Either that or hire her to do the grunt work and heavy lifting while I did some of the more technical work of automotive repair.

    What I don't understand is why am I a dickhead and not a whole and complete dick?

    And uhhh brother there is no such thing as too much coffee, especially if it is shade grown Kenyan, which according to some is where President Obama is from and picking those beans is what he should be doing.

    I think them birther peoples should be picking the peanuts (no disrespect to Georgia) out of their ass because it would seem they are shitting what little bit of brain they have left down the toilet of rationality.

  6. Brother WalkingM...I'm contribute to the bank for the tour. She is the odds on favorite.

    See you should not take it personally, when you, (you, not one) are called a dickhead it is a term of endearment, for your whole dickness.

    oh dear, is that too very close to calling him a monkey?

    Maybe we could get them to process the coffee beans through their asses and charge $666.00 a pound.

  7. I have an email friend who's always sending me some right wing crap like this birther stuff. I finally had to say to him, if there was any chance of this being true, don't you think Hillary would have played that card early on? If she hadn't McCain sure as hell would've. But you know what? I just flat don't give a shit. I'll take a foreigner like Obama over a native born fuckup like Bush any friggin day of the year.
    Peach has the right idea... about the martinis.

  8. ...and back to the photos, wow, she is scary. Eat some pie lady.

  9. Ugggggh! I wasn't prepared to be hit in the eyes by that Madonna thing.

  10. Mr. C....You are spot on with Hillary. PeachT is right about the martinis and the cheese burger. Lick my chops. Did you read her post about taking the 'girls' out for day trip? Boy Howdy.
    Lou...Thanks for keeping us on track. I would recommend a nice fresh Key Lime Pie. Lick my chops.
    James...chuckle) we are pleased when the English visit, but not so very pleased that this is what we have to show. Please come again.

  11. I'm glad you published the photos. I hope people will tell her she's gone too far. Ladies need to have a few curves.

  12. PeachT...Yes indeed a lady without curves is like, a man.


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