Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

I hear this a lot from my friends.

But not nearly so well phrased.

The Cat playing the guitar is Dave Barbour, her husband at the time.


  1. I've not listened to much jazz but that's actually really good - I liked it. Thanks.

  2. Which part do you hear most?

    Get out of here and get me some money too
    Why don’t you do right like some other men do?

  3. Lou...She was tops in my book.
    Walking M...LOL come to think of it, i'm not sure.

  4. That was a great rendition of an old classic. She was quite special. Her husband Dave and the piano player were good too.

  5. God almighty YES. I already told you of my desire for Peggy Lee...even as a kid.

    Sex personified! I will, I will PEGGY. I'll go out and do right (walkingman notwithstanding) and get you some money too. And some shoes, and a car, and some jewelry, and some shrubbery...ANYTHING, ANYTHING!

    No one female singer was ever, EVER more cooooooool. Thanks pal, I needed that.

  6. A little aside. Peggy got her start with the Benny Goodman quartet. I have a great CD of them. I'm sure you can find it at Amazon.

    Who the hell is the Man Whisperer?

  7. PeachT... yes she was very special. When Louie Armstrong died she sang the Lords Prayer. I knew then she was a saint.
    Jadedj...got that right. She was cool, if you look it up in the dictionary, they have her picture.
    Mr. C....not who the hell, but Where the hell? please come back. I'll do right, even make some money.

  8. Do you know the make of guitar?

  9. Oh yes, those HUGE jazz guitars.

  10. The guitar is a Gibson. The piano is a Steinway. The Girl is a blonde.

  11. Mr. C. That's not a girl, son. She's a Lady and your the tramp.

  12. ha ha ha ha ha Stop you're killing me


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