Sunday, July 12, 2009

Merry Pranksters

Mr. Charleston and Ms. Peach Tart done be tellin' the ghostie stories, and scarin' the chilren' out their britches, 'tain't right, just ain't right, and all.

Little 'uns need comfort and peace to home. Maybe them 'ere hants and haunts don'be chrilen mis abused from the cradle by parents, and family, and church people, all of'em protected by state laws and such. don't know 'cause i wasn't there and all. But I mean, you, one, I (a person) ya know, like dies, passes away, moves on, and has the opportunity to leave this earth plane and go, and get it on, and be with God, however they see Him or Her Or It, (OR NOT) and they, ie., you, me (the wandering spirit) don't leave. That simply must be one more pissed off mutherphucker.

I mean, I mean, 72 or is it 77 virgins in heaven! waiting to please you? or, what the fuck, your ass is going to hell, 77 whores from Bangkok, just for starters, I mean, I mean, just what kind of tormented soul would not leave? I say fuck 'em, walk up and down the stairs all you want, jerk off, the house is mine!

Scare the young'en, make a movie, write a book, but get the hell out of my face. There is a universe out there to walk up and down stairs in, let's go. Hey!, do you know how to tease God? Come on!, but you gotta be ready to run! It's fun, come go with me, see you grasp his tail....

I don't think many will understand this post. It is just a rant of a happy mutherPhucker.

Laugh Long, Laugh Loud, poke fun that the Establishment, kick some prick's ass, kiss some lover's ass.

Oh and by the way, Prosper!

Oh yeah! and a plague in the houses of the money grubbers!

I know it's long, but please this is Nina.


  1. Ghosties and Hoogaboogers haint the night....just like I do.

  2. Mr. Charleston and I do like to tell our stories of the past, ghosts included.

    As far as the 77 virgins...that won't be any want someone with skills.

    When I die and become a ghost I'm gonna be a big prankster...imagine that

    btw...Punch...I want some of what you're smoking

  3. There's wisdom in there somewhere for sure.

  4. 77 Bangkok whores? Damn, hell don't sound so bad to me.


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