Sunday, July 5, 2009

Slice of Life

Happy End to the 4th of July 2009, may God bless and keep you always.

Earlier in the day I was over to the Waiting on Jesus Towers visiting with the mother of a new friend. We had grilled a couple of hot dogs and had them on buns with the fixin's, just a driping off my chin. Nice collards and cornbread to sop the pot licker with, finger lickin' yummy. Wash that down with sweet tea and then we were ready for peach tarts. Mighty like a feast. Ya Know how sometimes you just bite into a tart and the juice is right there and just fills your mouth and you have to swallow and lick you lips and jus' smile 'cause 'hits so good. Well that is the way it was, I tell you what. Well hit was a great time and wonderful 4th and fireworks and all and then I was walking through the parking lot and passed this motorcycle that made me stop in my tracks and think about Intelligent Design. I stopped to wonder if Darwin would every have ridden a gold wing?

Who is the Dad posted on God' Goldwing?
Maybe it should have been called Indulgent Design.


  1. Punch you know you were drinking more than the sweet tea with Mama at The Waiting for Jesus Christian Towers. That tart was delicious but wished you'd have stayed for the bingo with seniors. I think that Gold Wing belongs to one of the sassier residents at the Towers. I think he's a preacher in one of those mobile churches in a trailer things.

  2. Hot damn son! And all we had was Larry the Cable Guy for the fourth. Dropped in by parachute and filled up the whole goddamn Husker stadium. Missed his drop zone though. Hit the stage, kerplat! Jumping for Jesus!

    Peach---how do you think he got the name Punch?

  3. PeachT...well, i have never been to long island, but the tea did have a taste that was a bit strong. Hell I just put more sugar in and it was dandy. Yo Mama did begin to look a whole lot better, i must say. Now I am a little worried though, I coulda swore I was up to the Waiting on Jesus Towers and not the Waiting For Jesus Christian Towers. I think this one is just a bit farther down the tracks and a bit more scruffy. Say?. do the elevatiors work in the Waiting For Jesus Christian Towers? This babe said you were like the daughter she never had...hey wait a minute. BTW they did not have Bingo at the WOJT's. Tell you wha? I ain't never drinkin' that tea from long island again.
    James...I'm rather sure this type of life style is one of the reason Cornwallis, after a brilliant victory at Long Island and then being banished to South Carolina must have lead him to say something like' fuck these fucking fucks. And just give it to George, with a smile. Don't know I wasn't there.
    jadedj...the Cable guy is jumping out of planes? No wonder the tv's don't work in the WOJT's. Peach, that term came from boxing, hit do apply here and all.

  4. Posts like this make me proud to live in the home of the brave.

  5. I wonder how he carries that Gold Wing on his damned sleeve?

  6. E of the R... thanks that means a lot coming from an Enemy, this is the greatest country in the world, to this ol' boys way of thinkin'
    Walking M...i'm sure it is on the right sleeve of his ego.

  7. Unfortunately, some people are far more excited about their favorite sports team than they are with their relationship with God.

    Thought on the UO Dad pic.

  8. Nah. Darwin was more a Yamaha FJ1100 guy.


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