Saturday, July 18, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

I am not a Led Zeppelin fan, I barely know who Robert Plants is, I should think a hair cut and comb would be helpful at a time like this.

Robert P is now a Commander of the British Empire. Robert Plant is the person on the right of the photo. Not the one in the background, the one with the red thing around his neck.

Now, I can understand why we won that war.


  1. From this post it is: 1) obvious you are, indeed, not a Zepplin fan, 2) the Prince does look like he needs a haircut, 3) it's about damned time Plant got his CBE, Page got his OMB some time ago and McCartney his more than some time ago... and, 4) I wouldn't expect you to know this, but, Led Zepplin was one of the most creative rock bands of all time, certainly one of the 5-10 best rock bands of all time. ...and we're climbing the stairway to heaven.

  2. Robert Plant - every boy I ever partied with in the 80's and the 90's - just loved him!

  3. Plant...Plant...hmmmmmm. Oh, didn't he do something over there by Tampa? Or maybe Ybor City? Something to do with cigars, or chewy tobac? What does that have to do with airships?

    Mr C, I'm more of the opinion that it was his DDT...or should have been.

  4. Mr. C.... one of the 10??? oh come on now. let's see now, Bands right?
    The Beatles
    The Stones
    Lynard Skynard
    The Band
    ok I'll include them in the top 10, but the 'most creative' nah.

    BKate... love to party with you some, we might have to turn the volumn down a bit though.

    JadedJ I did a little research for ya';Plant City's original name was Ichepucksassa (also known as Idasukshed) after the Indian village that once occupied the territory. Its name caused so much confusion that the city was renamed Cork, after the postmaster's Irish hometown. It was finally given the name Plant City in commemoration of Henry B. Plant, and his railroad, which significantly boosted the commerce in this primarily agricultural community by incorporating it with the South Florida Railroad.

    Originally, Plant City was a large cotton center, but after changing its primary crop to strawberries it gained recognition as the winter strawberry capital of the world.
    So now we know.

  5. Jon Bonham will never get an COBE...unfortunately.

  6. I do love me some Led Zeppelin and have to admit in the day, I had a crush on Robert Plant. I like his voice but I think I was also drawn to that banana in his tight pants.

  7. WalkingM... yep, only the good die young.

    PeachT... there you go again, talking about things and such. I could change my name to Beauregard and try to give you a peck on the cheek. hum?? maybe take a peek down the front of your dress?? humm...
    please don't let, jadedj know about our little conversation. Please)

  8. Peach, a little background on this man. The reason he is in fear of my knowing this, has to do with the state hospital, and the power of attorney which it gave me, regards his social forays, and the danger he presents to the sisters of the midnight mercies. Obviously he has it in his head that you are one of the said sisters. The rest of us are fully aware of your demure nature and righteousness Of course in his drug induced state, he forgets that this is a PUBLIC forum and that I see and know all, including his pitiful requests about your things and such.

  9. jadedj...I was told when you left the state the power of attorney was vacated, seems they were wrong.
    Funny you should mention the Sisters of After Midnight Mercies. I just recieved a letter from the attorney for one of the sisters stating he had the power to have you brought back. I informed him you were living in the Baja Gorge with some guy called Mr. C. I tol' em' and all, that you were still straight and stuff and I was fairly certain the sister would not recognize you with all your teeth replaced and veenered. Also, I said that the hair transplant had taken real good too.

    Thanks a bunch now, I always forgit the part 'bout everybody being able to read and all.

    Oh Yeah,the good news, the sister's daddy passed away, the bad news, he gave the shotgun to his son, her brother in law. Hear tell he can drop three ducks in flight, one shell, when he's agot that choke set up right.

    I don't worry much, none any more, 'cause it's nice here in Chattahoochee. Tell you what, theys agot a drug, that when they make me take it an' all, ya know, like when theys sees me hidin' it under my tongue and all, and make me drink another beer to awash it all down, shoooweeeee, there is this big ol' black cat that jumps up, well kinda slither up and yells at alls the other voices in my head to hush, or be eaten.
    Yeah Buddy, tell you what i sleeps well 'em 'ere nights.
    Keep in touch,
    hey did i tell you i almosts got to peek down PeachT's blouse? Please akeep that just 'tween us, an' all.


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