Friday, July 3, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

This is just toooo much to pass over.
So is she stepping down or just not running next year?
Lame Ducks unite!


  1. Ladies and gennelmen: your next president

  2. I wonder what new skeleton is getting ready to jump out of her closet? Or maybe she just wants Todd and her to have some more quality time shooting wolves from helicopters for the foreleg bounty. Or maybe she thinks she can unseat their new senator and start the gravy train for Alaska back up...whichever is fine because she just limited herself and the venues of her idle, vapid spewing of jingoistic bullshit.

  3. Pisces I--Oh, God, no--no,no. WM--I never thought of that, but it makes sense.

    She is a very stupid woman so she may think this will help her prepare for her 2012 run for presidency--it gives her three years to learn basic geography and history.

  4. hi, fr : Indonesia

  5. I was just over at menopausal stoners and one of her theories is, Sarah baby is about to take on a new Wal-Mart line...or, she's going to work for FOX. I'm liking the Wal-Mart idea.

  6. That menopausalstoner is one funny ass place.

  7. Pisces I...Oh God.
    Walking money is on the skeleton, big and boney. You are right about shooting her ass off. Jingoistic Bullshit, you are the man when it comes to words.
    E. of the R... My 7 year old grandson know more about history.
    do bloger...say what?
    jadedJ...i get it a fox working for Fox, Ar, ar, ar. A real knee-slapper.
    Walking M...I'll check it out.


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