Friday, July 10, 2009

Slice of Life

I was over to Banquet of Consequences just a while ago and jadedj had a point about black and white. It seem straightforward enough, until the public showed up.
What a train wreck, but it got me to thinkin'

So I went and looked through my negatives (old photographic term) for a clear picture of black and white, or one way, crystal clear and all.

My way or the highway, the truth, no flip flop, not wishy washie, straight ahead.

The Big Easy! What could be more simple? Follow the sign, one way.

Walking Man asked a question in the comments. This is an update with a new photograph. I have not done this before and don't know if it will work but ...
Walking Man that is a good question I have my answer, it is a choice I made that afternoon. Judging from the mother and daughter in the background, I would say they have made their decision.
What do all ya'll think?

Comrade Kevin has left a comment and found another reality, possibly better than pedestrian humor.

He has a point, gentle people, perhaps we should ride into a more colorful environment.

I heard that shine Mr. Charleston is puttin' on, baby. Don't make me come over there all riled up, no honey, no sir. I'll get sexie on his ass and he'll wish he was back in La Grange, drinkin' with EQT.
Yeah Baby. I am the truth and the way, nobody gets on Bourbon Street except by me.


  1. Gordie Howe and Al Kaline, both wore number 9.

    I have had a belly as big as theone gentleman's but would never have a Mohawk in shorts & flip flops.

    Is the chick in the foreground a transvestite? Not that there's anything wrong with that? But it is the Big Easy and all.

    In a few words: Who the fuck cares so much about what other people are, it's what they do that matters.

  2. Walking man...I couldn't have said it better

  3. I am afraid I will be forced to reject your reality and insert my own. Good day, Gentlemen!

  4. I like the photos Punch. Don't know what all this other shit is about...other than one upsman.

  5. WM, the Baptist thing... inside joke.
    I happen to know that there is a great story that goes along with these photos. Maybe we can get Punch to tell us about it.

  6. She needs to wax that upper lip and lose a bit of the tone in her thighs. Maybe a skirt just a bit , just a tad mind you, longer wouldn't hurt either.

  7. Mr. C....I prefer to be called a Bapbuddist.
    WalkingM...I love it when a number has meaning.
    PeachT...OK you got me! I know it's Mr. PeachT's b'day weekend and all, but do you have to tease me so? It is Walkin'M's belly, lack of a Mohawk, no flip flops (he does not flipflop) or is it the 'who the fuck cares'? I just want to get it right sos i can...ya know... well it is Mr. PeachT's b'day weekend, nevermind.
    Comrade K...It is a good day.
    jadedJ...Thanks I spend a lot of time on photography.
    Mr. C....let's see now, oh yes, what happens in Nawlens stays in Vagas.
    Walkin'M... you are so very right, but I am not the man to share that with her. Do you see those leather thingies wrapped 'round her legs??? Those are to whip the disrespect out of smartass little fuckers like me. That is why I can't let any hint disrespect come out. BTW she might suggest you lose a bit of the tone in you voice, but I agree with that skirt suggestion.
    (Just a bit princess, ya know like Walking Man said, hey,hey! he walked away, wait! NO! come on! ouch!@, NO! it's MR. Charleston that...Ouch! it was Peach Tart! ouch!! it was...It Was Comrade K!! ouch!! no you are the one...)

  8. Punch....enjoy your make me smile


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