Friday, July 24, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Mr. Charleston had an interesting post. Ft. Myers Beach is a party town. Estero just down the road for Ava Maria University. No kidding. You can't buy a rubber in the town of Ava Maria, but drive 2 miles and you can get anything you want at Alice's Resturant.

MIAMI -- The mayor of a small southwest Florida town on Thursday defended the town council's decision to fire its city manager after officials learned his wife is an adult film actress.
Fort Myers Beach Mayor Larry Kiker insisted that Scott Janke's termination had nothing to do with his spouse's job, that the town was merely trying to maintain order.
"What we were addressing was a situation where we weren't going to be able to govern the town with all the disruption and interruption," Kiker said.
The plan appears to have backfired.
"I've done over 30 interviews (with media) ... I've gotten hundreds of e-mails, we're getting threatened," Kiker said. "Nobody is getting any work done around here."
Still, Kiker insisted that Janke wasn't fired because of his wife's job.
"We didn't fire him because his wife was a porn star," Kiker griped, adding that the decision wasn't a "knee-jerk reaction."
However, the mayor also noted: "It was not his job performance. We all liked Scott ... He's a good guy."
Kiker said he learned of Janke's wife's job after receiving a telephone call from a reporter on Tuesday. He said he then spoke to Janke, who agreed "this was going to be a big disruption for the town and he was not going to be able to do his job well."
Within a few hours, Kiker had called an emergency town council meeting, and the group voted 5-0 to exercise a "no-cause" clause in Janke's contract, effectively firing him.
Councilman Tom Babcock said at a council meeting Wednesday that Janke was fired because his wife's profession brought an inaccurate image to Fort Myers Beach, the News-Press of Fort Myers reported.
"When you become a public figure you are held to a different level of scrutiny and ethics," Babcock said at the meeting.
Janke told The Associated Press on Wednesday night that he and his wife had their "heads held high."
"We have done nothing to be embarrassed about. We've done nothing wrong," Janke said. He said it's too early to think about what's next, and wouldn't comment on any possible legal action.
He will get a severance package worth six months salary, which comes to about $50,000, plus health benefits.
Janke said he married Anabela Mota Janke, who goes by the stage name Jazella Moore, in October. He began working for the town in March 2008.
Dan Miller, editor at the AVN Media Network, which covers the adult industry, said he had not heard of a similar case, but noted the adult film industry is "not necessarily widely accepted" in mainstream American politics.
Diane Duke, executive director of the Free Speech Coalition, a trade association for the adult entertainment industry, said the firing could present legal problems for the town.
Duke said even with a "no-cause" clause in Jenke's contract, as a government employee he is still protected by the First Amendment.
"There may very well be a case here," she said.
Added Howard Simon, executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union of Florida: "His firing may run up against Florida's law that prohibits discrimination based on marital status."
Meanwhile, the issue is the talk of the town of about 6,500.
"Everyone who lives on the island has made comments," said Jaye Duval, owner of the Sole Cafe, who listened to all the gossip as residents gathered for morning coffee and breakfast. "Everybody I've heard has basically thought he should have been able to keep his job. Most people think what his wife does shouldn't matter."
George Noakes, manager of the Sunflower Cafe in town, called it "prejudice."
"I thought the guy was doing a good job. I don't understand why his wife is even an issue," Noakes said. "Whatever she does, that's none of our concern. We shouldn't even be bothered with it."

If you want to stir the pot.


  1. You fucker you. You beat me to this one. I was going to give the Ft. Myers Beach town council the B of Q, "What The Fuck Were They Thinking Award." Gotta love procrastination.

    I'm thinking this guy is going to be a very rich fact, I'm thinking he is going to own Ft. Myers Beach. They major fucked up.

  2. Good fucking riddance. A guy with a porn star wife has no business being a public official. If the dick gets rich it'll be off of a book deal cause he ain't gonna get shit out of Ft. Myers. He's a contracted employee with a "no cause" clause... tooo bad.
    So I guess he answer to too much freedom is yes afterall.

  3. did you two give your Opinion to the Mayor? you lame ass winos.

  4. Interesting moral dilemma that one. We had one with a cabinet minister's husband being into porn. She eventually retired but not only for that reason.

  5. I had to look to be sure but I was spot on...Ave Maria University was begun by Tom Monaghan of Domino's Pizza fame. His asshole is puckered tighter than a 50 year old man about to receive his first manual prostrate check.

    I am certain he chose that particular are for his university because of the puckerdness of all the assholes he found there to begin with.

    The guy Janke was doing a good job and his wife's calling had nothing to do with is termination? I call bullshit on that one.

    Although I wouldn't mid having the lube and tissue franchise as these puckered assholes scour the internet to find this woman doing her work.

  6. Hey, wait a minute... YOU STOLE MY BLOG!

    There I was, trying to open a dialogue about a societal dilemna when Whammo, Punch steals my post... and JJ, who was totally aware of said theft, can only complain that he's pissed that Punch beat him to the punch.
    What goes around comes around guys.

  7. Wait a minute shithead, you call me and Mr. C-whine, winos (which I was ok with)...and then in your sorryass fence-sittin' way, changed it to whine(0)s (sic), and then you lump me in with the C, who was in direct opposition to my statement...and, and, walkingman says practically the same thing I said, albeit more learnedly and detailed, and he gets off scot-free with the Scotch?

    And then you totally ignore James Higham, who happens to be one of our overseas friends...and God knows YOU and America need a friend.

    Oh, and yeah C, were you going to give them an award? I think not...woo woo, "what goes around, comes around", indeed.

  8. I'm just thinking that if she were my wife, I'm not sure I could handle the jealousy.

  9. I would like to individually thank everyone for their comments. Let me first begin with the obstreperous one.

    JJ...lets see now:

    number one thing - let me thank you for making the warning at the beginning of the site useful.

    number two thing - re:'sorryass fence-sittin' way' are you talkin' 'bout my sorry ass? or the sorryass fence? or the sorryassfence sitting? is the subject my ass? or the fence? or the sitting? please 'splane it to me Lucy.

    number three thang - at the time of posting there was just the two of yous, so to save space and address all ya'll, i chose to lump you with him, the point was to email the mayor, not... nevermind.

    number four thing - the Whine0 (sic) was a joke, an attempt at humor for the two (2) whining wine (vino) drinkin' zeros (0), who are most welcome at this site.
    I hear the Marilyn Merlot is excellent.

    number five thing - Walkin' Man deserves good scotch, what with having to deal with whine0's and all. I should recomend a 15 (fifteen) year old Balvenie, single barrel. Two (2) fingers at least.

    number six thing - first back up to number five thing, then go back up the page and you might be able to note that, at the 'lump' stage refered to in your wino rant, there was just you and Mr.C. hence no mention of Walking M and James.

    Number seven thing - don't go startin' stuff with Mr. C. on my front porch. The Fuzz shows up, with those goddamn blue and red and white flashing lights and stick and K9 'officers' all, and my neighbours are standing around sayin' tsk, tsk and the yard dogs begin to bark and the winds begins to howl, and my cat goes into seizure, and damn it's gonna be a long night.

    James...Please overlook the proclivities of JJ, he is everything John McCain ever wanted to be.
    England seems a bit more honest about sex than most American politico's.

    Walking M... you are correct about the Domino's pucker, this guy is onemore asshole. The company is owned by others now, but I make it a point to not eat Domino's pizza. Who wants to eat something cooked by an asshole?

    Mr.C.... took you a while to get indignant about it all. Do you work for the Ft. Myers mayors office? I wait for a Award.
    Perhaps the Rodney Dangerfield 'One of These' award.

    Comrade K... I agree, although I would let her teach me a few new positions and activities and such, before i would let jealousy break up our happy home. Rather lose my job first.

  10. What's all this crap about an award? I never said anything about anything having anything to do with an award. Now, I could very easily have said something about a REWARD to whomever bags blog stealing buggers and their pinko, commie, fag accomplices.

  11. Mr. C.... obviously the end of your 'One of These' (aka The Rodneys) nominations for 2009.
    By the Way I believe the proper sequence is 'commie, pinko, fag' the syllables flow off the tongue in a more fluidlike manner. This day and age you are bound to pick up at least one, pepto bismol drinkin', commie smokin' a butt.

  12. I suppose that " knee jerk " is a poor substitute for other kinds of jerking.... maybe there was a bit of that going on too?? hmmmm
    how many ways can collusion work to so many peoples' advantage ? !

    totally enjoy the banter on this blog... often I laugh out loud and out myself in most inopportune contexts....

  13. Youse a sic(sic), sic(sic), sic(sic) little man. Have you ever considered a hobby...other than the elementary school lurking thing? And what's this shit about the neighbors? Are you talking about the ones in the double-wide, or the slipstream? Or are you talking about the meth lab ones?

  14. Harlequin...thank you for your kind words. You are a welcome breath of fresh air in a room with two (2) too many windbags.
    They do bring a level of banter rarely found in blogland or is that the blogosphere? Anywhy please come back, I'm sure they will.
    (ahem) Mr Jadedj...please do not think Harlequin's kind words are meant for you. They are for the site and all (ALL) of the contributors.
    Yes I have a hobby, well i did, and it was going swimmingly, until my parol officer heard 'bout it. Seems reloading empty shells from the shooting range, has a potential for abuse, and i had to give it up. They took the powder, the lead, the loader and all, damn, my sponsor was pissed.
    The meth lab drove out about two months ago. Rumor has it they went to Nebraska.
    An Airstream pulled in last week, snuged right up to the vintage single wide. Building department did not want to let it stay, but when the occupant came out in her Daisy Dukes and got down on her knees to show him the foundation system, then crawled under the trailer sos he could get a good look see, well, seems he said everything looked good to him and she could stay. We all clapped.

  15. Well, congratulations, you finally got a civil individual (who, might add, has visited the B of Q on many occasions) here in the absurd.

    Parole Officer. I am sorry man, that must have been him on the phone askin' about the ammo and shine and stuff. I thought he was from the NRA cuz he said they were going to do a number on you.

    You can be sure the meth lab is somewhere out here on the plains, as we have had a run on ether, and draino in the local Wal-Marts.

    I am sorry to hear you got the clap...but, you should have expected it sooner or later, with all them pole dancing ladies in your trailer and stuff.

  16. Double wide, Airstream? What the hell are you talking about JJ? Don't you know this guy lives under a bridge in Miami? You might have read about it, a bunch of sexual perverts who aren't allowed within 2500 feet of anything. It seems they can't be rehabilitated.

  17. C, have you been watching old Miami Vice re-runs? We have something to tell you. THEY. ARE. NOT. REAL. Well, except for the one where Geno gets wasted by some Columbian bad dudes, and his partner finds him duct taped to a folding chair, already turned blue. And the partner is feeling really, really bad about it, 'cause maybe he could have prevented it IF he hadn't stopped at the Parrot Jungle for some special parrot Spanish Fly seeds...not for him mind you...but for his horny parrot, who hasn't scored since 1977. Quite a tear jerker that one. We can only hope that he went quickly...Geno, not the parrot.

  18. I feel like I'm in a Laurel and Hardy movie.

  19. Got to love the euphemistic way his wife is referred to as ‘an adult film actress’ – you know, just in case you might have thought she was a child actress.

  20. Simon, Simon, Simon...what would we do without you. Still laughing out loud with that one.


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