Saturday, August 1, 2009

Ya Can't Blink

This is a video from the last presidential campaign. It sounds like it was made last week. Who is this gun totin' red meat throwin' hockey mom? And why does she think she is capable of leading this country? I must have missed something.

Oh yeah here are my notes. Gosh Darnit, Ya gotta luv the gal, doggonit.


  1. I had several months of this irritating voice in my home every night last year. I swore when it was all over that I would never, NEVER, listen to this nasal whining shithead of a human being again...anywhere...any how...AND I MEANT IT! Nothing personal bro.

  2. jadedj...doggonit, What if she runs for whatever in 2012? I don't think i could take it. Ya know?

  3. My bad...I paused Bob Dylan the "Times They are A-Changing" to watch and listen. I was especially enthralled when she said "When John McCain tapped me..." I thought McCain could get it up anymore?

  4. WalkingM...It is always an honor to have your comments posted. They make me stop and think. On one note of criticism, to stop Bob Dylan in the middle of a song to hear Sarah P, well that is just wrong. Hell, it might even cause 'a ruckus in the alley'.

  5. 2012? She runs? She wins? I run. Finland.

  6. I never got this gal first nor last... and seeing this here just confirms how little it takes to be a political figure ... except all that hard earned cash, of course... I long suspected that brains had little to do with it, or any moral compass... but I am holding out for foresight and common sense... but not on her part.

    good luck!!
    loved the others' comments...
    I second the motion on Dylan...never a good reason to interrupt him; and I will just try to purge the McCain tap from my consciousness... ick.

  7. Harlequin...Right On! You made me laugh about the tap. We all have WalkingM to thank for that. Sometime sex is obscene.


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