Friday, August 14, 2009

nuff said


  1. I'd never seen that before and i was kinda of hoping against hope that Jagger would have just shut the hell up and maybe added no more than an amen as the great one sang but oh hell no...

  2. walking man...fucker, you did it again...took the words out of my mouth...AND made me laugh LOUDLY. And what's with that silly ass red running suit? Yeah, that's real bluesy.

    Sorry Punch, I DO get the post, but I don't like it when they fuck with my many MW.

  3. I hate fuckin' whiggers. Hate to admit this but, I've got one in the family.

    Well, like they always say...there's one {of damn near EVERYTHING} in EVERY family!

  4. jadedj...Amen

  5. White boy ain't got that soul. Fair enough - MW was guesting with the Stones but Jagger comes over as so weak. Great on his own stuff but best let this one alone.

  6. I guess I'm influenced by the respect I know Jagger and the boys have for MW so it didn't bother me. I just liked it.
    The British invasion saved the asses of people like Muddy. Pulled them out of obscurity and made them some money. Johnny Winter did it again for them years later with his "Nothing but the Blues" album. Kept Pine Top Perkins and James Cotton from outright poverty.
    I say give the boys a break. Nuff said.

  7. RYC:

    Look at the SEER, ya say? Oh great Punch, just what I fuckin' need....somethin' ELSE to obsess over while I'm tryin' to decide which A/C to buy. Like my poor ol' brain ain't got enuff to mull over already...!?

    I rather prefer it when other people make buyin' decisions for me. And I REALLY rather prefer it when other people actually do the buyin' for me :-)

    Feel like donatin' some time and/or dimes to the MDJ AC Quandry Fund?

  8. James...Seems like your are right, he was loaded.
    Mr. C....I saw Buddy Guy once being interview by McLaughlin, that news guy on tv, with the grating voice. He was being his usual self and trashing the blue eyed blues. Mr. Buddy Guy said, no, you are wrong, it is because of guys like E.C. and the Almans that I work steady these days. They brought a whole new audience to the blues.
    MeanDonnaJ...just trying to help. I live too far away to be any real help. Buy the unit that has the highest SEER in your price range. You would be surprised to learn that most A/C units are made by one factory and they just put different brand packageing around the guts. This is the greatest country in the world. Good luck, sister. Stay cool.

  9. Right you are Punch! There ain't nothing wrong with blue-eyed blues. Greg Allman has his place in history as one of the greatest blues writer/singers of all time. Fucking..period.


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