Saturday, August 8, 2009

Let the Dead, bury the Dead.

This Egyptian bust has become a popular attraction at Chicago's Field Museum because it's a spitting image of Michael Jackson, complete with a tweaked nose. It was carved between 1550-1050 BCE and depicts a woman.

well do you post it or do I?
Did you find it under 'dead nigger storage?'

Be my guest...just attribute it to you don't get sued.

just reading your latest. Is that guy from Lakewood Ranch?

Lakewood Ranch? Que es?

upscale, snotty, community here that just had a tennis pro, running a teaching school, popped for kid porn, used to work at a tennis resort in a hot shit community, here in god's waiting room. chuckle Oh yeah everyone was shocked! shocked! I tell you, shocked!

burn his ass. I have no patience with that shit...or molesters. don't care if they are sick.

you gotta too sick dog, or a horse with a broken leg, or a cat with leukemia, or a monkey gone bad, put it down.

This fuck's no better.

I don't know about the monkey man. Reminds me of a story my grandfather used to tell me...repeatedly. This guy has a monkey that he has trained to give him a back rub, and head rub. The monkey would sit on his shoulder and do the head thing. One day, the guy is getting a head rub, and all of a sudden he smells something major foul. The monkey has been rubbing monkey shit all in his hair. End of monkey.

Hum that is my point, I think?

monkey shit?

No motherf**d*r, shoot the damn monkey!!!! and the kiddy porn guy. not in that order!

ok, shoot the monkey...but the porn guy NEEDS to go to prison where he will get much baboon butt fukikng...his butt.

Are you going to post that goddamn thing or not? I am in a comment making frenzy. I need a fix. Hurry up. I am so in a comment heat that I think I'll even revise Wadefuk.

Lost the battery backup for the big system, (full power from Florida Power and Light) (no breakers yielding) everything just fuckin' winked out, son of a bitch! so I'm on the laptop while I change everything around.

I have a big backup sys. Big ass mother fucker big pig asskissin' system, (1100 watt) and it is running the (10year) old shit. (dumb ass) and a 5 year old (250 watt) sys is backing up Phat Daddy. (dumb ass, think i said that already) (did i mention that the 250 sys has been beeping for two weeks now? damn i hate that part.) (if you don't know, the beep is the sys saying, you're on your own cocksucker!)

I'll be dark for a little while. this is email from the lap top.

I'll let you know when I'm back up.

sorry man. I know the feeling. I do everything from the laptop these days. Wireless is on the desk computer downstairs. And we have another desk jobby upstairs, just in case.

Hope everything is copacetic

OK, so

every thing is cool. medium cool. I need to redo the hole, and the whole fucking layout. and buy a new battery, for the 250 back up and find the end of cables and dust, and Jesus! the fucking dust.
maybe this is the beginning of the post.



  1. That was so odd...I paused my music to watch your video because I just didn't know what the hell to say about anything before the video seeing as your such a MJ fan and all i know you're still in mourning.

    So this old guy on the video starts plucking away on the guitar and David Byrne's voice and the Talking Heads start in on "Popsicle." Here I am thinking "OK these guys are pretty good and they practice with Byrne on a recorded channel."

    God damned cat pushed play just as the video started. To surreal for me this morning...get the jenny fixed because the whole living off a laptop thing isn't working.


    walking man, I tried to tell every one about the cat. Be careful. Check your hard drive thoroughly.

  3. WalkingM...It is a little known fact that cats set up the man on the grassy knoll, turned MJ's monkey against him, took credit for a freak of nature called the plague in medievel times, all the while lickin' their paws clean.
    Jadedj...this post is a form of stream of continuousness, difficult to read at best, painfull when cats interfere, but relies heavly on consciousness.
    Comrade K...Interesting, that is a word carring portent. My shrink, priest, and porole officer, all use it at the end of our secessions. Actually come to think of it the Vet uses that word when i bring in the cat.

    Ya'll,Please come back now, yahea.

  4. Trying to listen to this thing stream 4 seconds at a time finally freaking gave up and wonder no wonder MJ was so damned awesome... Michael Jordan that is.

  5. Mr. C....yeah slow connections are a bitch.
    (ahem) You will not find Michael Jordan in 'dead nigger storage'. He is alive and well. Still, one more, cool Daddy, out there leading the kids to something better. Rave on Brother.

  6. Shrink? Priest? Parole Officer? Vet?

    I happen to know that you are too cheap to see a shrink. You are a member of the Church of Whatshappeningnow, aka COW. The only prison you've ever been in is the oldest jail in St. Augustine. And every time your cat gets sick you rely on the power of prayer to heal it...because of your religious belief, which holds that it would be an insult to God to take the damned cat to the vet.

  7. the way... my cat's not damned.

  8. Amen brother! And then there is this:

    The bills are all due and my baby needs shoes
    But I'm busted
    Cotton is down to a quarter a pound
    But I'm busted

    I got a cow that's gone dry and a hen that won't lay
    A big stack of bills that get bigger each day
    The county's gonna haul my belongings away
    I'm busted

    I called brother Bill thought I'd get me a loan
    I was busted
    Lord I hate to beg like a dog for a bone
    But I'm busted

    But Bill said that there ain't a thing I can do
    My wife and my kids are all down with the flu
    And I was just thinking about calling on you
    I'm busted

    Now Lord I'm no thief but a man can go wrong
    When he's busted
    The food that we canned last summer is gone
    I'm busted

    The fields are all bare and the cotton won't grow
    Me and my family's gotta pack up and go
    Where I'll make a living the Lord only knows
    I'm busted

  9. Let me ask you the cat right with God? Has he/she given it/his/herself to the man? Does it lick other cats dingles? Then possibly it is not damned, friend.

  10. Well, the cat is right with God.
    BTw it is a He, and he is really cross when the writer trashin' him/her is not sure.
    This finger poppin' cat does not like ambiguity.

    Click on the banner above.

  11. I guess what i wasn't clear on was that cat un-paused MY media player while the band played and my music drowned them out entirely...I took the cat out yesterday and traded it for a dog...pedophile up the street said he needed a little ...uhhh cat.

  12. WalkingM...LOL you win, your the man.

  13. (ahem) You are the man. (I hate when i do that.)


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