Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Five Pound Bass

Perhaps a bit more Time Out for the bad boys who have been fussin' 'bout health and care and all.

This one is in 9/8 time. Done at a time of reason and logic, which seems to be missing in this time. I wish, sometimes, it could drowned out the madness of our Leaders.

Blue Rondo ala Turk


  1. Go to my post today and read how my *ahem* representative handled her town hall meeting.

    Loved the music though.

  2. Yes a nice respite from the madness of the news these days.

  3. Excellent.

    Now what'll you do for an encore?

  4. WalkingM... I like your post. I don't like your congeressperson. what a dipshit. are so right. I take it where i can get it these days.
    intelli...Les Paul took the headlines, today.


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