Saturday, August 22, 2009

This post is in Reply to Lou. Visit her at The Quiet Life, how she found her way here is a mystery to me. She asked about my picture and would i post a larger version. At that time I said no, but maybe I will, ya know, not sure right now.
Perhaps an invitational art exhibit.
I would like to invite the readers of this Blog to send an image of what they think this Punch should look like.
Deadline September 7, 2009.
No entry fees, all work will be displayed.
A catalog will be available on line.
This might be fun. Or a bust. Yeah a bust of Punch.
Thanks Lou for the inspiration.

The Many Names of Punch
Origins of Punch
The origin of the character we know as Punch is commonly believed to be from the Italian Pulcinella of the Commedia dell'arte early in the 17th century.
It is widely agreed that by 1662, he had become Punchinello in England. But what happened before then is open to some speculation.
Below are some of the many names of Punch and his brothers. The strong Italian influence is evident throughout many of the variations. Some are not actual descendants of Pulcinello but are the names of the characters who evolved from him and/or gradually replaced him.

Some of these descendants and rivals have kept much of his spirit alive, while others became popular precisely because they were not as raw, spicy or unrefined as Pulcinello and Punch.

Punch - England
Punchinello - England
Pulcinella - Italy
Polichinelle - France
Polichenello - France
Panza - Spain
Puncinelle - France?
Policianelo - Italy?
Policinello - Italy?
Polecenella - Italy ?
Pontius & Judas
Petrushka - Russia
Kaspar - Germany
Kasper - Sweden
Kasperl - Germany
Hanswurst - Germany
Karaguez (Black Eye) Turkey
Karaghiozis - Greece
Fasoulis (The Bean) - Greece
Guignol - France
Kasparek - Czechoslovakia
Vitez Laszlo - Hungary
Vasilache - Romania
John Pickle Herring - Anglo-Saxon
Jan Klaassen - Holland
Tchantches - Belgium
Hans Jaggely -Switzerland
Mester Jakel - Denmark
Plumperle (later Kasparek) - Bohemia
Vania Rutyntyn - Ukraina
Pencho - Bulgaria
Karapet - Armenian-Persian
Vindushaka - India
Semar - Indonezia
(ripped off from The Many Names of Punch)


  1. Punch fucked up Lewis?

    I can't wait to see THIS contest. How many times can I enter? Are there prizes? Are videos of the image and monkeys allowed? Why September 7? What's so special about September 7? Do your children know you engage in adult content blogs? Oh, no wait...that's a different contest.

    Does this have anything to do with Hussein's death squad recruitment? And why do I have to pay a fee to join? I already supplied names, wo what's the deal.

  2. Enemy of... go girl.
    Jadedj... give it your all. no holds barred. Nothing majic about the date, jesus. It is a fuckin' holiday in America. For working stiff. Jezz that sounds pornographic now adays.

    (please excuse the use of the word, FUCKin' Ms. Enemy of the Republic)


    This is what Punch should look like. Detroit style.

  4. WalkingM...great photo, just like it must have felt coming in.

  5. No need to apologize. I felt glorified.

  6. Wait a apologize to the lady, and just leave me an wm hanging?

  7. RYC: "Rumor holds you are good with people and carry a lot of sympathy."

    :::Then somebody's been doin' some SERIOUS kinda lyin' on me:::

    Punch, ya really DO crack my fat ass UP. I always look forward to seein' what ya've gotta say. Hopefully, that good belly laugh ya just gave me with yer comment will help whittle a few pounds off my middle-aged midsection.

  8. MDJ...yeah baby, we all do what we can.

  9. how she found her way here is a mystery to me.

    Theatre of the Absurd?


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