Monday, August 10, 2009

nuff said

To my mind this is the most efficient song in the history of rock and roll.

Hawhawhaw... (swear some prick is advertising in the video)

After listening to the song, contact your Senator about Health Care Reform. Now is the time to strike the iron. Listen to your heart and not the news mongers. One of the reasons many are against it is that it will do away with pre-existing conditions. Who benefits most from that change? Hawhawhaw...



    What in the world makes you think someone benefits from the misery of others? Damned Communist/Facist/Anarchist!

  2. jadej...yet one more time I will take additional care with your comments. To witt:

    number one thing - The rock and roll song is what i am calling efficient. The minimum use of words to build a concept of lust and fun and mantra to get the crowd to understand and spread the joy. A kick ass beat that can be completely suspended into silence and the crowd flows with the unheard beat, till the Muses return to the promised land. They then lead in the a prayer for all rock and rollers. That, having been said, I will now attempt to lead you from your point of apparent anger, if i am mistaken please eeEEEEeeXXXxxxxxcccuuuuusssssMMEEEEEeeeeeee! (ahem)

    number two thing - I am not Damned or is my Cat.

    Number 3hree thing - I am not a Facist I think, Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld are soul brothers to the man the first George Bush did business with in the 1930's. I think that young colored chap, will set a fine example for the future of American youth. Sorta like Jessie Owens.

    Number 4our thing - Anarchist is very close to AntiChrist and I am neither. If anything, Christ would send his great aunt Ana to attend the ZZ Topp concert with me. Hell, she was there when they wrote 'I'd rather be sloppy drunk that anything I know'. Oh wait a minute that might make her Ana Chist! (har, harummph giggle, Wait a minute, wait, wait, take two ha haw har)

    Number 5ive thing - turn up the sound and call your Senators and in a human, loving kind voice suggest that they help the little man. (don't expect much)
    Let them know we need a single payer system that allows for a person to keep what they have and others to buy what the rich fuckers have at a price poor fuckers can afford. And to do away with pre-existing conditions, that would benefit the little man. (I think this is where you launched)

    Number 6ix thing - If that makes me Anti Christ(ian)well screw him, I'll take it up with his ol' man.
    If going to Hell means i won't be with those bastards, then it is mis-named.

  3. Doesn't take much to set you off, does it.

    I did call my senator, Ben Nelson, aka, Insurance Ben. He claims, claims mind you, that he has never heard of you, or ZZ Top. He has heard of Jesus, aka Nebraska's Next Governor, and in fact saw JC in his omelet at Perkin's Restaurant over off I-80, on Saturday Night...(you can see the omelet on eBay later tonight...don't bother bidding, as it is beyond your paltry means...gonna go for BIG bucks).

    Ben assures me that my pre-existing condition, whatever it happens to be, is of no interest to corporate insurance. Next he assured me that one cannot be a communist, a facist and an anarchist in the same breath...unless of course one has been so anointed by babbling pillheads named Rush.

    After your eBay session, come on over to B of Q for some real music.

  4. Dear Mr. Durfee:

    Thank you for contacting me regarding health insurance reform. I appreciate hearing from you. I have long supported the goal of ensuring access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans.

    In recent months, I have heard from many individuals across Michigan who have offered their views regarding various aspects of health insurance reform. These views range broadly, from support for the President’s and Congress’s efforts, to opposition to any government enacted reform, to advocating for certain priorities to be included in the legislation. Many also have expressed their thoughts about which services ought or ought not to be included in health insurance plans, about an individual’s ability to continue coverage through their current providers, or on how this legislation would affect established benefits and services.

    Nearly forty-seven million Americans live without health insurance, and many more live with intermittent or insufficient coverage. Rising health insurance premiums and unemployment have contributed to the continuous rise of these numbers. With Americans spending one out of every five dollars on health care, we need to reform our health insurance market to create a stronger, more efficient, and more stable health care system.

    Two Senate Committees share jurisdiction over health insurance reform. The Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions (HELP) Committee recently unveiled a health insurance reform bill, the Affordable Health Choices Act. The Senate Finance Committee continues to work on bipartisan legislation. The goals of this legislation include: ensuring that those who are uninsured no longer fall through the gaps in the current health insurance system; reducing and stabilizing health care costs; and increasing access to high quality health care for all Americans. Once the Finance Committee completes its work on this legislation, it will be reconciled with the HELP Committee’s bill prior to coming before the full Senate for consideration.

    The House of Representative also has been working diligently to craft health insurance reform legislation. On July 31, 2009, the House Energy and Commerce Committee passed the America’s Affordable Health Choices Act of 2009 (H.R.3200). This legislation must now be reconciled with the bills passed by the House Ways and Means Committee and the House Education and Labor Committee before being brought before the House floor for a vote.

    It is unclear what the final health insurance reform bill will look like at this time, but I will continue to monitor its progress and will fight to ensure that any health insurance reform legislation includes provisions that protect Americans’ access to quality, affordable health care. I am hopeful Congress and the President will come together to enact needed health insurance reform this year.

    Carl Levin

  5. WalkingM...Thank you for that post. By the wording it is either real and from your Senator or you are a ghost writer for Carl Levin. That is one of the longest sermons about nothing I have read in a while. It is interesting that the last paragraph clearly states it is not health care reform that he is fighting for, rather it is health insurance reform.

  6. I caught that to...I put it up in case anyone wants to compare their boilerplate response to mine.

  7. Well wm, you put it in the right place, The Theater of the Absurd...or should that be Comedy of Tears...or House of Jackassery. Lying, split-tongued, motherfuckers. That thing is beyond hot's insulting.

  8. I just want you to know that when I was in college, it was part of my job to drive to La Grange twice a week to deposit money into my boss' account which she had collected by cashing hot checks at the Safeway to cover the hot checks she had written to other people a couple of days prior.

    The chicken ranch was gone by then, but the memory lingers on. Kind of like The Balinese in Galveston - which ZZ Top wrote a song about too. My granny went dancing there, and so did I.

  9. Pen...good to hear from a sister. We all did it back then. I learned to cash the check from by employer at the bank it was written upon. Learned that while at the Univ. of Florida.

  10. An old newsman admitted that when nothing much is going on in the world, national news desks look to Florida and Texas because you can count on something astonishing happening every day. Course, y'all have those entertaining sink holes.

  11. Pen...they seem to open up in the incorrect area of the state. Tallahassee would be my vote. Sink the lot of 'em.


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