Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A Five Pound Bass

Let's slow it down a bit. Everybody take five and gather it all back up later.


  1. Paul Desmond, who wrote Take Five, is one of my favorites. Smooooth.

  2. BTW, Take Five is credited with being the most influential jazz tune ever because, as a pop-radio hit, millions of people were turned on to jazz world-wide. Of course, the flip side, Blue Rhondo Ala Turk, didn't hurt either.

  3. Boy, you guys ARE old geezers, aren't you.

    I always preferred Blue Rhondo...not that this isn't smoooooooooth and cooooooool also.

    Thanks for the break Punch.

  4. nice way to unwind from a strange day! Thanx! Just what the doctor ordered.
    (we're not really old because we like this stuff, though. It's a true classic. Not like Ted Nugent classic Rock)(not saying anything bad about Ted, mind you, only, today, I don't need anymore 'screaming -at-the-top-of-our-lungs' crap, eh?)
    (well, unless it's Lewis Black)

  5. Mr. C...Yes Mr. Desmond was the first of the really Cool jazzmen, to my thinking. And the greatest, not many like him.
    Mr. C2...Maybe I should put up Blue Rondo ala Turk. It is a bear to count, 9/8 time. Pay attention.
    Jadedj...you are welcome for the break. I'm not an old geezer, I THOUGHT we had established I am a Dirty old man. (see not a geez in that phrase) Blue Rondo took me from a boy learning to play music to a boy who knew he would never be on stage, with Paul Desmond.
    BlueN...Thanks for stopping by. We are a rowdy bunch, jump in when ever you feel like it.
    Boneman...I could not agree more. Ted is like chewin' bubble gum, after a while the sweet taste is gone and you are wondering what is pissing you off. Then you realize you are chewing plastic crap.
    BTW...Lewis Black get a pass on his worst of nights. Can't get enough of him.

  6. I like this version way better than the original recording, Mr. Punch. (I vote for "Blue Rondo" too.)

  7. Ah, yes...intell, a woman of rare and discerning musical taste. A welcome breeze on this windy blog.

    Mr. Punchy, the difference between a dirty old man and an old geezer is...the dirty old man thinks it's still possible that 22 year old lady's stare is lust for him. The geezer, however, is in touch with his mirror.

  8. Ya know what Punch? I just got home from work; my feet 'n legs are swollen up like a fuckin' hot air balloon; my back is achin' as are my wide-ass hips; my hands are numb; I'm wet from the rain; I can hardly keep my eyes open; 'n my son is nowhere to be found (which, don't lemme even TRY to fool ya, is a GOOD thing). So I come sit on this ol' wobbly cockeyed wooden chair with the one gimpy leg 'n I open up my emails where there I have waitin' for me a response from ya regardin' my lastest bitchfest about them overblown blog awards.....which has gotta be THE most hilarious fuckin' thing I've ever read YET! Oh my God I ain't laughed out loud like that in a very looooooong time. So thanx hun. I really needed that. Yer a true character, my dear....'n an a.o.k. one in MY book.

  9. Intelli...I followed your lead with Blue Rondo.
    Jadedj...22 year olds? stare? mirrors? That's all they live for, is to look into one, for cryin' out loud. Alls i have to do is just stand beside them and ask, "where is your mother" they fold every time and say, 'she is right over there' I hang with Mom and sweet cheeks gets to romp with her boyfriend. And BTW I am not dirty. Bath Every day. Hell even George Carlin says that's too often. 'Course he's not gettin' pussy nor bathing, God I miss him.

    MeanDonnaJean...thanks for the very nice compliment. I have to say for your own reputation and the general good of your readership, that you are dangerously close to being taunted by some biker Crazed bitch as Not-MeanDonnaJean. you made me laugh at the end of a long day. nice break. I have pit bull type folks waiting for tomorrow, when they are going to try to eat me. Think I'll start the meating (sic)off with, "I have a new best friend, she's called MeanDonnaJean, and she thinks i'm cool! Cocksucker. (might, leave out that last word) thanks again for the laugh.

  10. Punch, but, have you considered getting a mirror? The mind washes or unwashes its own self.

  11. Jadedj...actually i considered buying another mirror. The one in the bathroom, that i put up with one nail 15 years ago, decided it wanted to see what a fall of 5' would feel like. The mirror was approx. 3' across in dia., I did not find a peice over 2" wide and 5" long. Took me a week to get it all up. Had to go buy a brush and dust pan. Why are they called dust pans, all i every brush into them is dirt and junk and broken mirrors and such. Any way i went to the Goodwill to dump stuff and found a bunch of not broken mirrors, for under 20 bucks. Got so confused just alookin' at my self i had to leave. Seems like I washed my mind of any thought of buying a mirror. BTW? Why would another mirror help me with 22 year old ladies' Mothers? I'm all ears.

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