Friday, August 7, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

Sometime life gives you lemons, sometimes mellons, sometimes life just says if I had a banana I would not give it to you.


  1. PLEASE someone else say it! Don't make me say it! Someone...anyone?

    Aww shit! You can get the same exercise by giving me a hand job and I will last longer than 6 minutes and won't cost 19.99

  2. Note to Walking Man: if *I* were to give ya a hand job it sure as hell wouldn't last anywhere near 6, ya'd have to pay ME a helluva lot more than a measley $19.99!!! ;-)

  3. Designed specifically for women ... y-e-e-e-e-s.

  4. was on everyone's mind anyway. Thanks for saying it.
    Jadedj...but he did.
    Mr. C....But He did.
    MeanDonnaJ...aww comeon, take your time and we'll figure somethin' out.
    James...I think every women should have one, soon.

  5. amazing... just amazing. I could wring out a big wet...towel and get an even better effect and have a less sticky clean up...
    but I digress...
    the fitness industry gets better and better... sigh.
    Great comments, BTW.... even more entertaining than the video clip

  6. Harlequin...Fit Ness there you have it.
    BTW I have a big wet, well not so big but it's well.. nevermind.

  7. You know they HAD to realize what people would think but I have to admit that after 10 years of marriage, only my right forearm is stronger. It's done nothing for my triceps!

  8. Hahaha banana!

    This vid had me cracking up


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