Tuesday, August 18, 2009

What Fresh Hell?

All this jazz about health care and

who's agonna pay and

who's the dead beat and

what 'bout stress relief and

I need a new drug and

what's it gonna cost me and

I just want to go back to the good ol' days ,

ya know before 40 years of the Demoncrats, and

civil rights and

women's lib, and

mister mom,

ya kno back to muscle cars, and

5 miles to the gallon, and

no MADD, or alternative fueled cars, and

no water boarding, and

no patriot police, and

no black presidents who are not American and

all like that there.

Smoke 'em if you got 'em.


  1. Listen, you gotta love dancing cigarettes. How could you not smoke? And after all, more doctors smoke Camels than any other brand...dead doctors, that is.

    Love this post Punch, seeing as how it is the story of most of my life...except, of course the last 9 years...off the weed. I did a post about that a few months back. How I got hooked, that is.

    Suck, suck, suck that portable oxygen (to the tune of smoke that cigarette).

  2. Oh, yeah...we don't need no stinkin' health care...just a little self-control.

  3. Quite a catchy tune in a carcinogenic kind of way.

  4. I'll smoke 'em and it makes people nuts that I will smoke in places they can't really complain about (but will anyway) like say outside.

    Call it my way of keeping the past alive, my suicidal ideation writ large on the walls of my shallow seeking lungs, call it a brazen act of defiance.

    Call it (my smoking) the cross burning in my lungs trying to set fire to the ignorance of the past fifty years of man kinds lunacy.

    We had our chance right after WWII to order the world into a better place but instead let the war profiteers have their way and now the bill is come due, I don't think my smoking will kill you as fast as those fuckers intend to.

  5. Jadedj...yes the dancing cigs is what caught my fancy.
    Lou...tune in to a catchy carcinogen today.
    WalkingM...very well stated. say you cig i could bum?

  6. I quit smoking years, many years ago, but damn, I love smoking ads. I also like to see Mike Wallace smoking while he was on the air giving the news. The 60s win out as cool decade for that alone, but movies were better in the 70s.

  7. A poem about healthcare - that's impressive.

  8. Sure why not...all of my smoking neighbors who won't pay seventy five cents for a single cigarette at the gas station will always come a knockin' at my door,

  9. I really like this post...

  10. I wanna see Betty and Wilma have hot cartoon lesbian sex and then light up a couple of cigars.

  11. EoftheR...I have a tape of Mike Wallace interviewing Frank Lloyd Wright, while smoking. He offers Mr. Wright one and Wright in is inimatable haughty style delcined and talked about bad habits and such. Made me laugh.
    WalkingM...well ok, I'll buy a pack every now and then and pay you back for the bumcigs.
    O~...thanks, it took a while for me to find ~, now that i found it please come back.
    Doug...I'm sure someone out there has made it. It is just a matter of finding it.

  12. Oh, I have to see that one. Frank Lloyd Wright is the architect everyone loves to hate. I'm from Chicago, so I grew up with his interpretations of unlivable homes. Did you ever read the Fountainhead?

  13. EotR...You, are very close to a Fountainhead. I have a love/hate relation with the writings of FLLW. What a peice of work. Maybe one of the reasons i'm soooooo difficult, is I bought into his philosophy so early on. I then moved to another Architect, for guidance, with equal disappointment. I can remember driving home one day from work, and thinking (i can actually tell the exact spot on the expressway where this epiphany occurred) My thought "I am an Architect and I don't believe I even like them."
    I heard an interview on PBS, with a couple who bought one of his Usionan Houses. They had spent a young fortune on restoring it and it was coming back with the same leaks. The interviewer (not smoking during the interview) asked "how do you feel?" There answer was "that is what happens when you leave a work of art out in the rain." I have prayed every day since for just such a client. I think god don't like me.


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