Monday, August 17, 2009

nuff said


  1. Phil Harris was married to Alice Faye, a hot cutie of the 40's and a hot talent to boot. She gave up her career in films for him. Never could figure that one out.Liked him though. Not so sure about 'ol gravel voice.

  2. the place here always seems to have some jams going...
    Or at least nearby
    Cool stuff.
    Well, for some of em.

  3. JJ...Alice Faye, yeah a cutie. She was his from 1941 until his death in 1995, we should all be so lucky.

    Boneman...yes indeed this is the place, on occasion, please stop by again.

  4. Sorry I haven't stopped by, but I've been on hiatus and I'm returning to the happy world of my buds.

    Johnny Cash is the highest form of humankind that walked the earth. Loved watching this!

  5. I was liking it until The Man in Black started to do that "dance" if I danced like that I get stuck in Folsom too.

  6. This was great. I love me some Johnny Cash.


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