Thursday, August 20, 2009

Merry Pranksters

what fresh hell, is this!

Looks like I was given a award by JadedJ over at Banquet of Consequences.
Now at this point I'm supposed to say thank you for this award, and something like, I would like to take time to acknowledge all the little people who have helped me along the way. But I don't have any little people helping me along the way, just little pricks giving me awards that I don't know what to do with, about, nor what I did to earn it.
I think it is a ploy by the Homeland security to get people to rat out the friends and acquaintances.

The not so Boring Part:
1) My real name is not Punch. It is Priscilla Presley, I have not seen whathisname in almost 22 years.
2) I went to college right out of high school. I graduated at twenty-four, I was divorced at twenty nine.
3) There were times during the Bush Administration when I felt like I could empathize with a Loyal German in the 1930.
4) I have a Barbi collection.
5) I don't like this type of game.
6) I just bought a cello, what I really want is a new camera.
7) I have a good insurance policy paid for by my employer, and I am blessed with good health.
8) I have been called a Roach by people i barely know. Max Roach was one of my drum heroes.
9) My pardners have all left the building.
10) I have never been to Nigeria.

I would like to pass this award forward to MeanDonnaJean, she like myself has done nothing to deserve this type of treatment.


  1. Punch, I mean Priscilla - you know that MeanDonnaJean is gonna pitch a fit because she hates awards. She might come down there and kick your ass.

  2. Congratulations. You deserve an award. Now tell us more about Elvis. Is he really dead or is he a vampire?

  3. This is why I gave your undeserving ass this award. I love a sore winner.

    Barbies, huh?

    Going over to check out MeanJean's post today...HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR (not about her, about her kicking your ass...HAR HAR HAR HAR).

  4. A barbie collection?
    I agree with you about Homeland Security looking for people to rat out their friends and family.
    Global non-compliance day, no spending, is August 25th.

  5. Couldn't have gone to a more deserving fellow.

  6. Why do I always get the Google warning statement about content whenever I come here? Aren't I supposed to be offended here? Please start offending me.

  7. EoR, just being here is offensive to many of us. Offensive that we have stooped this low.

  8. Number one thing...Fuck you, you fucking Enemy of the Fucking RefuckingPubfuckingLic!
    James...yes, but we all do what we can for the cause. are so very kind. Truly.
    Diane...more about Aug 25, 09. Do we not buy anything? I can do that. no problema.
    Yeah the Barbies are a long story of being taught life tales, by very young women, (age 3 and less) I was on the phone with a young woman and chatting and being cool and all and when i hung up the phone, Her Grandmother, said to me! You told her you had Barbies. We went out and bought Barbies at the good will. The next time I saw that young lady, (months later) She walked in the house and said "where are your Barbies" I had tears of joy. What bliss, young ones are the reason life continues. So, with that history, years later, I bought a collection, from a co-worker who's daughter was getting married and just wanted the space in the attic, for my grand daughter. When I shared that information, with her mother, all i heard was (my only daughter) WHAT??? you are going to give MY daughter??? WHAT??? (barbies)? Barbies.??? So, anyway, I have them in storage for a later date. The last laugh is for me. MY granddaughter's best, most, favorite color is pink. I bought her Pink Cowgirl boots when she was 2, that was the moment of bonding between she and I. Her mother still can not understand how such an ass as myself can soooo completely con her daughter. God is good. like sooooo, like soooo, completely wipe, erase, paint over, cancel out the above thoughts, as to perhaps create a new method of training our soldiers for brainwashing and changing thought patterns.
    Enemy of the Fucking Republic..., OfuckinginK, I will eliminate the fucking warning that is sooo fucking anoying, to fucking you and fucking others, just to please you and to delight your little tush. OFUcKingK?
    No Elvis is not a vampire, but his is not dead either. one/you/ya'll have to suspend your disbelief in the here and now. Just remember I have not seen him in over 22 years, now. For the first 10 or so He would, like, show up in the middle of the night, and want so sing, 'Love me Tender' that creeped me out. Tender my ass you are fuckin' rottin' away. So I got in touch Marie Laveau and I said, Jesus, he wants to fuck more now that when he was alive. Marie said 'don't worry' you justs have to scream deep in the swamp, something like HAwwwwwwuuughhhw, on a full moon, and then put a bunch of portraits of Ben Franklin, done on a rich, paper using only green ink, the color of chlorophyll, place a minimun of 666 of these in a pero and float it out in the swamp, all the while screaming. These bills must be dirty and used and most likely passed from theives to whores, several time before being placed in a box made from human skull and covered with Rattelsnake hide. (She was so very kind and offered a little known shop in Nawlen's that had one of the Rare and Scarce containers.) I was so pleased to be able buy it and not have to use who i was to purchase this item. A great bargin, i was told by all that wittnessed the event. But I digress.. As it turned out there was this wonderful gentleman who, had a pero for sale and knew where to go in the swamp for just such an ocassion. (it seems that Marie, was very good at this and had help many such lost souls as myself.) Well the next day the sun came up and the sun went down and Elvis did not... chuckle. I then made those wonderful movies with that great white guy with the white hair and the awful black with the glove that did not fit and then i hauled ass back to GraceLand and asked Paul to visit for a spell.
    PeachT...Thanks, I am trying to get back in touch with Marie, seems she is deep in the swamp looking for peros, as it turns out she and MeanDonnaJ are good friends. She says 'she likes the bitch' and says not to worry, 'cause of all the chlorophyll in that pero. That was like so very cool, and i breathed a sigh. Then she said, 'don't pull this shit again.

  9. HA! I bought a bunch of barbies for my grand daughter too. She plays with them right along with Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Mr. Potato Head, a Troll doll, and two horses. Btw, she likes to make Buzz and Woody kiss. Babyhood knows no boundries to love.

  10. Barbie? Is that what you named all of your sex dolls? Bit redundant isn't it?

    Punch to Barbie in his very best Elvis voice;
    "Uhh say baby want to come to Graceland and see my...gun collection?"

  11. it's never too late to go to Nigeria...

  12. right about Babyhood. Back when we were to young to hate.
    WalkingM...Yes it is redundant, but I don't call out the wrong name at the wrong time.
    thankya thankya vermuch.
    Jon...I would like to visit Africa, don't know about Nigeria, too many millionaires.

  13. Except for the Barbie tale, would you like to translate what it was that you just wrote? In English?

    Hey, Jon, do not believe one damned word about not knowing Nigeria. He IS Nigerian. Thrown out for lottery scams, and sexual misconduct in public parks.

  14. BTW I am mystified by your profile picture. Any chance you could post a larger copy so I can get a proper look? Is it a dead animal on a fence beside a spooky looking effigy?

  15. Lou...You are very observant.
    uhhh. No, well, yes.
    I mean no, i will not post a larger copy, but you are right that, it is a dead animal on a fence, kinda like i feel some days. I will make a new pic. (larger) That was done a year ago before all this bloggin jazz, to post to a friend's site. Ya, had to be there, the image is of a fuzzy doll of some hangin' judge in Arkansas and a Coyote that was jumping a fence somewhere in Arizona. (did not make it) (duh) A compilation that has out lived it's usefullness.
    You are a Pip. (i apoligize for the next post.) is Creole dumb ass...jesus, mary, and joe jo, you lead everyone to try to believe you live or at least drove through the South, that IS South muther, south and you can't even understand Creole, shoot fire, fuckin' goddamn yankees...

    He lays down a beat
    Like a ton of coal
    He goes by the name of king creole

    You know he,s gone, gone, gone
    Jumpin, like a catfish on a pole
    You know he,s gone, gone, gone
    Hip shaking king creole

  16. OMG! He said FUCK to me! And more than once! A man (I'm guessing here) just said FUCK to me! This has never happened in my life! Never! No man has ever said FUCK to me! He said FUCK! He said FUCK!

    Thank you, Punch.

  17. Enemy of the R... I'm a man

    I spell mmm, aaa child, nnn
    That represents man
    No B, O child, Y
    That mean mannish boy
    I'm a man
    I'm a full grown man
    I'm a man
    I'm a natural born lovers man
    I'm a man
    I'm a rollin' stone
    I'm a man
    I'm a hoochie coochie man

    Just ask Muddy Waters.


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