Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ya Can't Blink


  1. You need a shrink. You are obsessed with this monkey woman. Loved Cab though...hi-dee, hi-dee, ho. We know who the ho is.

  2. I've heard that song somewhere, was it in Blues Brothers?

  3. jadedj...I've been to a shrink, a couple all in all and they say face your fears. Sooo there is the face of fear in America 2009.

    Lou...yes and if i remember it correctly that was Cab Calloway in the movie. Could be wrong on that part.

  4. You sir, have made it so i will never be able to listen the master of jazz scat singing without seeing that face of hers.

    Jaysus man what are you doing? Trying to warp the space and time continuum? You do realize that if you view her picture for more than a passing glance a wormhole opens up somewhere in the cosmos and a bit more reality gets sucked into it don't you?

  5. WalkingM...I am completely in the dark about wormholes, that would explane her very existance. I never thought of it that way. I also meant no disrespect for Mr. Calloway, he was one of the real masters of Scat. Because of your thoughtful comments I will never do that again. It just seemed funny at the time. Little did i know i was causing a disruption in the universe.

  6. Punch, w m is correct. However the comos wormhole is connected to her head...in two places. Both of which are capable of sucking you right up. Be careful with this woman's image. You may have noticed, it has never been on mine, or walking man's blog.

  7. On Steven Hawkins Master's Thesis I will not do this again. But she is such a easy mark. Common Please can i huh?? please? Ok, I won't.


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