Thursday, August 13, 2009

Les Paul has left the Stage

Today, at 94 years of age, Les Paul has left the stage. He play almost to the very end. For the many years he played at a Manhattan club called Fat Tuesday's. For years the guitar heroes would come to jam. A real guitar hero by any standard.

Early in his career, he was in an automoble wreck and his right elbow was shattered. When he was in hospital the doctor informed Mr. Paul, that when he set the break, his arm would be frozen in that position. How should I set it? Mr. Paul had a guitar brought in and set his hand on the strings where he wanted them and the cast was made. He played the rest of his life with up and down swing of an arm that was rigid in a 90 degree shape.

That is perhaps his greatest inspiration for this ol' boy.

Go on over the Termits of Sin and see Les Paul and Mary Ford back in the Day.

I have already published this post but found Mr. Paul spilling his guts. Had to put it up.


  1. Bravo Punch. You're right, he's much too big for one site. I suspect there will be hundreds.

  2. It is a sad day indeed. I didn't know that about his broken arm.

  3. Nice tribute Punch. My wife thanks you for the first one. And I thank you for the second one.

    Some people are born with a natural affinity for certain things. And some are born with a genius for certain things...pure and simple. When you watch the man play, you can see his pure love of the guitar...and his genius fingers.

  4. Rest comfortably and at peace in the house of your ancestors old man. 94 and still doing two shows a week in NYC. Cool & good bye.

  5. this guy was such a dude... thanks for this tribute; nicely done.


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