Tuesday, January 31, 2012

The road to Daytona 1-28-12 Architecture 101

Back in the 1960's a fellow named Peter Blake wrote a book entitled 
'God Own Junkyard' I read it. 

Here is a little background on this ol' boy.  
I am an architect, educated at THE University of Florida.  A Student of Robert C. Broward in Jacksonville, Florida.  Bob was just inducted into the Florida Artist Hall of Fame, actually next Monday February 6, 2012.  
All those years ago I never would have guessed this would have come to pass.  Butte, You had to be there. 
Yet never the less Bob was and still is a prime influence upon my understand and appreciation of Architecture.  Now again Bob would, or does spell the word with both a capital A and a small a.  
but i digress, I was talking about Peter Blake and God's Own...
So here I am driving along on Saturday morning, last, going to the 50th Daytona 24, yeah buddy, R&R and had just arrived on the outskirts of Orlando, north of Mickeys House, south of Daytona.  I drift past this little Gem and hit the breaks and wandered around a god forsaken neighborhood thinking a series of right hand turns would bring me back.  all the right hand tums were dead end, but I did it. Got back to Sangrala.  No, wait a minute that's La Sangra.  
What the hell is wrong with this picture?  I could feel Bob in my soul.  
That is when I knew I was headed for hell. 

For the of the Aarchitecture was just too sweet for the architect/photographer to not want to record. 

Let's roll Tiger, Mr. Charleston is waiting. 


  1. Do you suspect that El Torito was once El Jade Garden?
    Ever been to Asheville? There's plenty of architectural eye candy there!

  2. First...nice tribute to Bob, bro.

    Second...how come UPS can make only right turns without hitting dead ends?

    Third...I'm with iWench...there's something Wong with that building.

    Forth...Damn fine photo.

  3. A low end shoe store on the right added a Chinese restaurant then a Big Boy and when the market crashed te family who owned the compendium had to sell it to immigrant Mexicans who worry more about the freshness of the food than the reality of the Aarchitecture.

  4. Began life as a Stuckey's tourist trap. Became a sex toy shop and then a Chinese restaurant (added sun room) who then made enough money to hire Mexican's to run it and who eventually took it over. Now, it's a fly trap for wandering architects.... oops, Architects.

  5. Intelli…yes I have been to Ashville and it is a beautiful place. I have not been in too long a time. I guess you can tell from the Urban Landscape photos.

    Jadedj…Bob is still standing! That alone is worth an award. The wrong headed building caught my eye at 50 mph, center lane on US 50. The right turn was not best move I made that weekend.
    Thank for the nice thoughts.

    Walkin’ man…fine statement; upon the compendium of Aarchitecture, on this bit of god‘s ½ acre.

    Mr. Charleston…another good compendium, yet this assortment of architectural lives I would look for along Phillips Highway, up ‘round Jacksonville way.

  6. nice photo and a sweet post. just the right amount of lugubrious anticipation. and i thought it was Shangra La... but what do i know.
    hope the trip and all the eye candy are good

  7. Harle…Lugubrious Anticipation. Damn! Sister! Sent me running to Webster’s third international edition.
    I had to lick my chops all day. You know a thing or two.
    The eye candy is on the starting grid now.


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