Monday, January 9, 2012

Juxtaposition 1/7/12 Photos from the edge of Jacksonville.


  1. Good stuff Punch, although I believe this is the heart of Jax.

  2. Mr. C's picky pickyness notwithstanding, the second one is absolute dynamite, bro!

  3. Mr Charleston…well, the Heart Jacksonville is a bit edgy.

    Jadedj…thank you I was stoked with that one my self. Sometimes it just come your way.

  4. The first could be anywhere but Detroit, the second could be anywhere in Detroit.

  5. What all of you curmudgeons fail to see is the tree overcoming the worst kind of diversity and reaching its lovely branches to the sky. None is so blind as he who refuses to see.

  6. btw... my damned flash card ate most of my stuff from that day.

  7. The walking man…that courthouse would most likely be put to better use in Detroit.

    Mr. chuck…My dear boy. May I remind you. (ahem) I made the Photograph. Why do you think the tree is included?

    Now for the Friday pop quiz.
    Why is that tree growing in that location with that much vigor?
    a) mr. charlston planted it?
    b) mr. chaz pissed on it?
    c) Just wanted to?
    d) Found a crack in the sewer main leading from the interior water closets.
    e) Tim Tebow prayed there after the game with the Jaguars.

    Btw the bad drive is a bitch. That sucks.

  8. Well, mon professeur Punche, I have the anseurs.

    a) Chez Chaz shits le acorns?
    b) A treee is growing in his asseur?
    c) There is a treee in his favoreteur le porneur movie.
    d) Kukulkan slept here with ze jaguar and the pluie caused the treee seedeurs to grow a mightee treee over their sexualnesseur?
    e) Jesus loves treees?

    And btw, the bitch is a hard drive which sucks.


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