Thursday, January 5, 2012

Juxtaposition 1/5/12 Photos from the edge.


  1. 1. Church of the Holy Inflatable

    2. Church of the Divine boot from God

    3. Church of the Awesome Double Wide Multiplied.

  2. First Bloated Methodist
    Temple of the Divine Burger
    Mt. Sinai Church of the ADA Compliant

  3. The TITular Tabernacle...with God's trashy side.

    St. Stuckey's Santuary...Pecan Roll entrance.

    Church of the Open Door (COD), closed...A/C view.

  4. Deacon Charleston…
    Well; ahem… the First Bloated mETH had just finished New Years Eve.

    Ahh yes the Divine Burger. Ya know the one that takes you home: to Jesus.

    Well the Mt Sinai Church is there just in case
    that f%^&*(G, s case when;

    the Divine Burger does not quite do the trick.
    Get Right With God.

    Elder JadedJ…
    Yes Brother Yes, the TitUlar TaberNacle; I simply must bow, in the very presence.

    St Stuckey, the mighty patron Saint of the Dixie Highway 31W.
    The road for the true pilgrims headed for the Carolinas.

    Yes, kind elder, we request that all who enter the Church, to please, dear brother, please, close the door, so’s to keep in the cool air. (ahem Please)

    I would like to point out that, in the photograph, the a/c unit nearest the front of the building, in my professional opinion, is blowing cool air into the main sanctuary. This is key, the tin roof is transmitting heat at an alarming rate and the preacher is howlin’ up a fright and well all are welcome but please shut the door upon entering.

    Love and Light and Cool breeze in South Florida.
    And all like that there.

  5. thank you so much. foosbobetr good Archive


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