Sunday, January 15, 2012

What Fresh Hell 1/15/12 Panhandling.

I was over reading Mr. Charleston blog on panhandling, interesting read.  I thought of a photograph I made in Jacksonville just this month.  I had to smile.


  1. Possibly the city sign makers in Jacksonville don't know what the fuck they are talking about?

    It occurs to me that maybe some Americans who are without abode, and employment, ACTUALLY need help and have no other way of getting it. The term Panhandling and bum, in my opinion, is a stereotype which is demeaning, and pretty damned callous.

    That's my goddamned two cents worth, Jack.

  2. Actually Jacksonville is the town that helped strike down the vagrancy law. Back in the day one had to have a ‘visible means of support’ to respond to a charge of vagrancy.
    Let’s see now, the likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffet and Mitt Romney cooling their heels on a park bench at 11:00 p.m. have no visible means of support and could go to jail.
    That is more or less what happened that evening, except, the ‘vagrant’ won the suit and the law was scrubbed.
    I wonder what it is like in Detroit these days.

  3. It was right under that very sign that I gave a bum a dollar. Do you think I violated the law? Is there a law against charity? I wouldn't want to find my ass downtown on the Group W bench.

  4. (ahem) Mr. personalize the Group W Bench.

  5. Hey, what's with the duct tape on the upper sign's backside?

  6. really liked the photos from the past few posts..... and not meaning to be metaphorical at all, but there are lots of sharp edges in them thar photos....
    probably a coincidence, especially with the warm embrace offered to those needing to eke out a living.
    your comments section continues to be a highlight for me....

  7. Harlequin…thank you for the nice thoughts.
    When does metaphor become megaphor?
    It’s all too big for my mind.

    About the comments?

    Please (ahem)
    please don’t encourage them?
    Please? Pretty please?

    JJ…SEE (AHEM) ahem. hurrumph... the duct tape is there for the Po’lice to tape yo’ mouth shut’ ok’ ok? Son?
    See then the Miranda rights are right there in yo’ face.

    Hey I could be wrong.


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