Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What Fresh Hell 1/16/12 Militaryindustryistan


A little talked about country that is Steady Draining the U$ Treasury.  

With enactment of the sixth FY2011 Continuing Resolution through March 18, 2011, (H.J.Res. 48/P.L. 112-6) Congress has approved a total of $1.283 trillion for military operations, base security, reconstruction, foreign aid, embassy costs, and veterans’ health care for the three operations initiated since the 9/11 attacks:
Operation Enduring Freedom (OEF) Afghanistan and other counter terror operations;
Operation Noble Eagle (ONE), providing enhanced security at military bases;
and  Operation Iraqi Freedom (OIF). This estimate assumes that the current CR level continues through the rest of the year and that agencies allocate reductions proportionately.

Of this $1.283 trillion total, CRS estimates that Iraq will receive about $806 billion (63%),
OEF $444  billion (35%) and enhanced base security about $29 billion (2%),
with about $5 billion that CRS cannot allocate (1/2%).
About 94% of the funds are for DOD, 5% for foreign aid programs and diplomatic operations,
and 1% for medical care for veterans. 

as you can see Militaryindustryistan is an IsLand in the Stream.


  1. It is even more mountainous than I remember from my time spent there. Are you saying that a whore, is a whore, is a whore?

    BTW, I like the graphic, pal.

  2. The thing about Militaryindustrystan is that upwards of 50% of the real cost of supporting the country is hidden in other budgets. Little things like research and veteran's benefits. I would say she's aging quite nicely.

  3. this is quite .....effective. aging nicely indeed.

  4. Jadedj…it more like a whore, is a whore, is a general.
    Mr. Charleston…I think closer looks will show veteran’s bennies are not the drain. When you make your money from sucking the tit you must keep them perky.
    Harlequin... there is nothing quite like a fine mature woman of the evening.


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