Sunday, January 22, 2012

What Fresh Hell 1/22/12 Fitness (take two)

I found this and went all like this is so cool, and then like i've got to totally post this and then all like what will Mr. Charleston say and then it was like totally, what about JJ and like then I like had to take a nap and like get all rested and then like go eat and all like that there.
This is totally like so cool, like really.

And then I thought of this Juxtaposition. Newt is a Reaganite.  Beware the ides of march with a bad moon risin'. Is this the voodoo economics they spoke of?


  1. Now at least we know we should elect a fitness model to lead the free world.

  2. So like, let me guess. You found this while searching for, like, healthy lifestyles? More likely a sidebar ad on one of your porn sites, right? Anyway, like, I made it 2:53 into it before I could take no more. Hope I didn't miss the "Punch"-line. Think I'll sign-off and watch the two squirrels copulating outside of my window.

  3. I'm with you, Mr. C. -- about not watching the whole video, not about watching squirrels making more squirrels. I'll check back to see if anyone admits to watching the entire clip.
    Then the juxtaposition --??? My head's gonna explode...Oh, but this is a great country!

  4., once it's can way into it...and avoid....well, know. Like, you could have totally been watching that Pornhub squirrel thing.

    Are you trying to tell us that there are no airheads in like, Afganiwhatsit? Cooel.

  5. If you didn't watch it you didn't get it. The whole point of the intelligence was exposed at the end. Where has curiosity and patience gone?

  6. Mr. Charleston…you talk about porn site like it’s a bad thing? Yep you missed the punch line.
    Intelli…great to from you again. I was wondering where you were. See the comment of the walkin’ man re: watching completely. I think I get you joke about the juxtaposition, but Ronn Boy Praising the Taliban is, and you are right, just one more air thanking about a photo shoot.
    Jadedj…the American air heads are all running for the GOP handout.
    the walking man…thanks for understanding there is more then a glimpse to life.

  7. grammer sucks it is not a pun, it just sucks.


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