Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Fresh Hell 1/24/12 Newt

Yeah Buddy, bend over, grab the edge of the bed, and take it like a good wife has been told to, by the Pope.  
Get ready to be lied to and cheated on as well.  
He is a historian and enjoys repeating history and screwing strange.


  1. Punish the monkey and let the organ grinder go.

  2. So... if America gets sick, will Newt leave us for Canada?

  3. I am shocked, appalled and dispicted (sick) that you would make this issue an issue when there are other issues in hand, er that is...other issues which need stroking...ah, what I mean is, what you are saying is Newt is not a lizard but that his lizard is the issue, eh?

  4. Gnew it good for a screw, a nut and a bolt but go ahead and ask him for some head and he will give you a speech about American values.


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