Friday, January 27, 2012

I do declare 1/27/12


  1. Mmmm hmmm ... nice find, Punch!
    (BTW, jj & Mr C are awaiting your explication of some lines of verse over at the post-raphaelite sisterhood.)

  2. Allison Krauss...that woman can sing and just think she isn't some American Idol winner.

  3. Good one.

    And btw, intell. Punch and Mr. C are down in Daytona this weekend, listening to loud engines and ogling young scantily clad ladies. Don't expect a visit for a couple of days. Just saying.

  4. Love Paul Simon and love Allison Krauss!

  5. INTELLI… (forgot to turn off the caps). Thank you for the compliment.
    (AHEM, uh caps again) and, &, A.N.D. a, A real heart felt thank YOU for stoking the fires in the, far too ample, bellies of Mr. Jaded JC.
    They A.R.E. (ahem) are a piece of work. I would again warn you against encouraging them.

    walkin’ man…she is this American’s Icon.

    jadedj…thank you, Allison is the genuine article. A blessing for the ears.

    Now about motor racing…

    (ahem) see above(hurrumphhh.h.h.) I have posted, night last, on the Intelli aforementioned site just to pa-roo-vvvvvve-you wrong! Typething One fingeretj at a timeth!! (one guess, Jack~!)
    I like,so, like, hope, like the video of the infield track turns out. I hope, I hope, i hope.
    I recorded a vid at 10 pm Saturday Night live, that just might be my next post.
    Oh and one last thing,
    The sweet pretty things were well covered, thank you,VERY MUCH!@!!

    Pixel P…that is a strong case for Love.

  6. were one-fingered typing at MY site? I don't know whether to be flattered or disturbed.

  7. Intelli…the one finger is used only for jaded CJ. I just wanted to post on your site this past week end. That little mutt is cute and jaded CJ is well, now we are back to the finger. I would suggest being flattered. But the choice is yours, of course.

    Mr. C…thanks.


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