Saturday, February 4, 2012

The road to Daytona 2-4-12 Part Two - Why they drive Fast cars.

Don' watch this video turn it on move to the 50 sec. mark.
Look at Candy.

Product of an Italian Tractor Manufacturer.

Grid Girls Rule in Daytona.

 I could tell by her boots she wanted to see me in Hell.  I just hope I don't get there late.

Which way is the Acropolis?

I swear that is Dale Jr.

The SYrens.

"Sunshine came softly through my window today"


  1. I have to go out and shovel a foot of SNOW, and you are showing me fun in the Sun shit. You are a cruel mofo, mofo. I'll be back later.

  2. OK pal, I'm back. BTW, there AIN'T no candy at 50 sec...or 60 sec...or 70 sec...WTF?

    I will say, your camera is 5 star at gratuitousness, compared to Mr. C's. It is heart warming to find a fellow connoisseur of sweets even at your advanced age. Good work, boy.

  3. Mr. Charleston…gracias senior.

    Jaded…life is a bitch, but in the Sun she sometimes makes up for it.

    JadedJJ…ahem. Candy is for the eyes.
    Shown below the video.
    The video at the 60 second mark begins a drum solo that I would suggest one might listen to while LOOKING at CANDY.
    (ahem, Candy is Euphuism for beautiful woman.)
    I hope this helps.

  4. So, you choose to ignore the second half of my comment? You know, the part where I gave you an unsolicited compliment. Well, unsolicited except for the phone call from you.

  5. JaddedJJ....Oh by the weigh, thank you
    thank you
    thank you for your kind words.
    thank you
    may the wind always be at your back.

    may the road rise to meet you.

    may all your dreams come true.

  6. Oh Jesus H. Cristo. Nevermind.

  7. Suggest you visit Intelli JJ. It's all about boobs. You know, the kind that walk and talk and post asinine comments.

  8. Hmmmm, hit a nerve, did I, Mr. C?

  9. Here you go again JJ. Trying to be a shrink when it's perfectly obvious that it's only a ploy to divert attention from your lustful behavior. Unlike some members of this blog, who could best be described as "dirty old men", I on the other hand, am above such lurid thoughts and only see the photographic and artistic merits of the photograps. And in those photos I have some observations. For instance, in photo #2 I know that you are drawn to the lucious, full, mouth-watering breasts of these women and totally missed the next big fashion statement, combat boots. And in photo #14 I am certain that you undress this sinsual treat in your mind, imagining her full bosoms agains your bare chest and taste her full, wet lips, while I, not succumbing to such lowly ways, was impressed by how well her designer sunglasses suited her face and what a nice overall shot it was. And in photo #17, while you're imaginging yourself undressing this lovely tart and fondeling her beautiful, perfectly shaped ta tas you didn't even notice the two small tattoos below her left ear, which clearly identify her as a lesbian.
    Shame on you Mr. JadedJ (what does the J stand for anyway?). Change your ways before it's too late.

  10. Uh, #14 is my ex-wife. Punch knew this when he took the photo, so it was for my benefit, because I have never seen her without her Berka.

    As to your inquiry, the J stands for Jamal...infidel pig donkey!

  11. No JJ. This time you can't bluff your way out of it. I have it on unimpeachable authority that your ex-wife is #17, which probably accounts for her current taste in partners.

  12. Boldly going where no female has dared to go, I'll venture forth and comment here. I don't mind fellas enjoying a little candy, even you old married dudes. But I am bothered by the subject in photo #6. We redheads have fought hard for equality, and it is simply wrong that this women has to ride in the back of the cart. Shame on the two blondes up front, shame!
    (Mr C, you are positively full of it here. But thanks for pointing out JJ's ex.)

  13. Oh, and it looks like I'm gonna need to get some new sunglasses for my Florida trip if I hope to fit in with the locals. Thanks for the fashion tip, Punch!

  14. "I have it on unimpeachable authority that your ex-wife is #17".

    How dare you bring that up. It's a lie. I am shocked that you would end this fine post's comments with such an accusation.

  15. Intelli…what I really liked about her was her pricey sunglasses.

    It actually took both of those blondes to start that cart. Two to insert the Key in the iGNItion switch, two to figure out that you had to turn it to make the motor run. That is a true story.
    As they drove off, the fellow next to me turned and looked right at me.
    I said “they really are blondes”.
    Thank you for you admonition concerning red Head. They get to ride in the front seat.

    Ahem…boys I am at a disadvantage here. My matriculation into THE University of Florida provided me with a greater understanding and tolerance for the uninitiated. Yet with this current set of white papers I must rush to the side of the sole femail (sic) in the group. Mr. C you are full of it and JJ you just keep feeding. How many times must I say to you “please don’t feed the assholes”!
    I’ve got to get out of this studio and go work in the yard to try to sort this whole thing out. Number One THING is you too (2) (Two) (du) (dos) guys don’t know how to count. Intelli. Said Number (#) 6 (six) was the redhead in the back of the buss. She is correct. That makes you alls number (#) 2 actually number (#) 3. Jesssss you guys are the best. At what I’m not sure.
    Gotta figure out the numbering sys.
    Thank Intelli.

  16. Yes, the yard is a good place for you, dude. BTW...I thought that was, "don't feed the polecats."

  17. Preferably a yard with a 10' fence topped by razor wire. Polecat has a nice ring to it.

  18. That's not in his immediate future, C. The judge reduced his sentence to time already served. Although, they still haven't found the, who knows.

  19. jadedJamal…Yard was very relaxing. Got rid of some stuff. Biggest one was worrying ‘bout what the hell you guys are talkin’.
    Polecat does have a nice right to it.

    You poor beggars, no wonder your wives ran off together. Perhaps you guys should take a page from your EX’s and get together. You go at each other like two old married people.

    Mr. Polecat… About the fence thing. After your last visit I checked with the local planning department about getting a 10’ high fence with the concertina wire around the entire lot, with Spot lights at the four corners. (wanted to keep him out.) They said it would be an attractive nuisance and dis-allowed it.

    jadedJamal… On another note, ahem; I realize you were joking about the lab, but as it turns out my P.O. found the blog and is all over my place with a fine toothed comb, the sniffin’ dog, the haz-mat team and some creepy lookin’ cats in dark glasses and black SUVs. Please don’t joke about the judge not finding the lab and all.
    They ain’t laughing.

  20. I am not quite sure why your PO is looking for your dawg. Is he/she studding out his/hers?

  21. Why would the Post Office care about your lab? Or is it that they found your picture in the Post Office?

  22. it's nice to see that you're enjoying yourself.
    carry on.... as if you would/could not....


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