Saturday, February 11, 2012

The Revolution will not be televised due to technical difficulties. 2/10/12


  1. The Supreme court has just declared the internet as a tool of sedition and therefore all web casting, and twittering is hereby banned. Text and video is not speech unless it's porn{thank God}. As of Monday anyone caught in possession of an internet capable device will be taken into custody under the NDAA and held indefinitely.

  2. Much of the content on TV is already revolting....

  3. Walking man…good point but? Let’s say they ban web casting and twittering, the politicians are out on point. The cops are a union and the politicos ban unions and fire all the cops and now a reduced police workforce arrests the 99% and they go off to prisons. Free food, Free Health Care, Free room, and well you get the picture. I would say we won the revolution. Not Obama Care but Health Care for the unwashed.

    Intelli…see that is what I so dearly love about the English language.

  4. The seed of revolution is repression.
    Woodrow Wilson


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