Monday, February 13, 2012

What Fresh Hell 2/13/12

The harsh winds of modern American conservativeism blow through the civic landscape.
The Anything-President Obama-wants-we-are-against-party saw a bee last week and now swears it is an entire colony of bees, killer bees at that, that is sweeping across this great land and we must again be afraid, very afraid.  They are trying to say that the Catholic Church is now protected by the state when they, (Catholic Church, CC) treat their bitches anyway they want.  Keep them barefoot and pregnant.  Everyone pities any fool wants to help those Catholic broads live as equals to men. That chump must face the wrath of CC and their man/boy lovin’ Pope John John.  Back with John Fitz Kennedy was running for prez, the buzz was that he was loyal to the pope and not the constitution.  Turns out they were right; wing that is, the CC must be loyal to the Pope and not the Constitution. Wasn’t the current Pope a young priest involved with Nazi German? Oh that’s right he turned to look another way? Anyway, Santorum is a long term Catholic, Newt is a newbie Catholic, and Mitt the twit is not a Catholic, the right of right of center GOP does not want Catholics but now joins the mob in an anti President-colored-boy-Obama rant against affordable health care for AALLL Americans.  To this ol’ back slidin’ southern Baptist, if a church is running a business in America they should play by the same rules as everyone else.  If Catholics are so devout about birth control, why does the Church have worry about the availably of the product?  ‘Good’ Catholics will not buy them and the evil wicked devil’s work will dry up due to lack of demand. 
Is the GOP establishment about to help, Newt?  Nahhh he like female interns.  Just like Clinton.  Well, on second thought, maybe he can do an ok job.
The proof is in the eating of the pudding.
(Leave it lie, JJ.)


  1. I hope I live long enough to see a woman president. One that isn't from Alaska or Minnesota.

  2. Leave it lie? WTF? Did I say anything regards the Catholic fondness for fish? And did I say anything about that good ol' boy phrase regards fish? No, is the answer. And I am certainly not going to say anything about eating pudding, or any other oral satisfactory activity.

    However, I am going to add that Rickey has stated publicly, he and his wife only do the nasty for purposes of procreation. Now, correct me if I am wrong, they have eight live children and one, well, you know. They have been married since 1990, I think that date is correct. Sooooooooooo, 9 definite screws for Jesus, and probably a few that just didn't catch hold, you know. So let's be liberal (hahahahahahahaha) and say the figure is tops...20 times. 20 times in 22 years. That leads me to conclude and guarantee there is a hidden away vibrator and copy of Hustler magazine somewhere in the Santorum household...or tool shed.

    Screwing for Jesus and frothy mix for the devil.

  3. BTW iwench...I'm with you. Count on my vote.

  4. great comments.... especially the woman president..... you think racial backlash is bad.... wait till you see some good old sexist backlash.

    but, on to santorom.... rage, rage, rage against that catholic machine, please!!

  5. Intelli…I’d vote for a woman, but she would have a worse time than the first AfroAm. I can’t bear to think of the conversation Rush would have about her period. If she has nice boobs oh dear. If she has piano legs, oh my, a bad hair day would be a reason for the stocks to tank. She would not do any less of a job than both Bush Whackers. I have to pity her husband, and if she did not have a husband well then she a dike. Those boys are mean. Just a mean spirit that they most likely got from their mother.

    JJ…Me I think it was artificial insemination on their part. Or he is an exhibitionist. I mean every time his ol’ lady showed up with a bun in the oven, EVERYBODY at church new they have been banging in the past month or so. SHAME, whoremonger. Wonton slut, unfit mother, I think there is a word beginning with C that is out there somewhere.

    Larry Flint for president.
    So if Sandusky is producing the frothy mix is that contraception?
    Never mind.

    Harlequin…you should not encourage the rage I feel for these cretins. But thank you anyway.

  6. jj.... Boy, why you must mean Roy?

  7. too the new followers out there.
    Thank you

    Please feel free to comment. this is a free wheelin' forum headed down the road to perdition. There is an exit just up ahead. Don' miss it the next one about 3 light years ahead.

  8. Well I sure as deuce didn't mean joy, Roy.

  9. you can call me Joy
    you can call me boy,
    you can call me toy,
    but please don't call me Johnson.
    JJ that is MISTER to you.


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