Wednesday, August 31, 2011

What Fresh Hell 8/30/11 Bob and Ray 'Most Beautiful Face'

The national rancor about us and them is just too too to.
And the president just doubled down.  Let's all wait for 9/7/11

I was over to jadedj's blog a few days ago and he tripped a trigger.
Bob and Ray, true National Treasures.

back when time moved at a different pace and subtle humor, dry, (stirred not shaken) was understood.

This is long, but I would recommend listening all the way through.
(or not) fast forward, maybe (or not)

It seems to get better, to my thinking, as the show goes on.
These guys just won't quit.


  1. I do despise the lack of patriotism and the nationalism with which it has been supplanted by. Yet those of us living on the edge between store brand dog food and just grazing on someone elses nicely chemically treated lawn are pretty tired of being thought of as ignorant nabobs who only know how to follow.

    I wish things would slow back down from the hurry to get rich pace back to let me work hard and simply have enough when I am to old to work as well.

    But we didn't start this war between the classes, they fired the first shot across the bow with PATCO firings and have not stopped terrorizing the once middle class since.

    Funny bit liked all 8+ minutes of it but I am still not amused by the Kock suckers and the them who are purchased that cal themselves the most beautiful faced people of America.

  2. Thanks for the early morning laughs, man. These are three of my favorites.

    Btw, wm...those chemically treated lawns are precisely why I let my dandelions grow in the Spring.


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