Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Nothin' to do with Nothin' 8/2/11

This post has nothing to do with nothing.  
(Hay, hey, jadedj that’s where the title came from, (no grass growing under your feet))

Lets see now

nothing times nothing equals Congress
Ah nothing plus nothing equals Congress
Ahem nothing minus nothing equals Congress
Nothing divided by nothing equals Congress.

But with all the la la la la (fingers in ears) going on in LaLaNeverLaNever land,
Well,  Layla came to mind.  

Maybe in the presidential election I’m gonna vote for a republican, ‘cause based on the last two years, the demoRATS are acting just like them.  
At least I get to say I’m ‘WINNING!!!!!$$$$$%’. 

A Plague on all of them and the horses they rode in upon.

Here is some guy covering Eric’s Layla, on the bass.  
Just an Alabama getaway. 
You might like it you might not.
It has nothing to do with debt, or ceilings, or loopholes or assholes or drugs or sex or cars or well you get the picture.


  1. nothing minus nothing equals Congress.WRONG, NOTHING MINUS NOTHING EQUALS LOSING EVERYTHING.

  2. intell took the words right out of my mouth.

  3. Looks like the only thing worth saying was said by the bassist. BTW, thanks for the font change for the post. Now, if you could just work on the comments section...

  4. now, this, was definitely something.no amount of ranting will be enough.

  5. the walkin’ man…Yes Sir! Those fu**s don’t get it. (Actually they do get it. Usually under the table. I’m not just talkin’ ‘bout money here.

    Intelli…yeah buddy, I shut the mouth of one more Intelligent Wench. My work might be done here.

    jadedj…I will leave that to the imagination of the readers. “took the words right out of my Mouth?” never mind.

    Mr. Charleston… not done yet. I have a bass and would love to play that well.

    Harlequin…I would love to hear your rant. Take all the time you need. We will all move back, set up chairs, lean back, and listen.
    (Ahem, jadedj and Mr. Chuck will be instructed to keep quite)


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