Monday, August 29, 2011

What Fresh Hell 8/29/11

This is the way all, ALL of the elected leaders count money.  Only it is not as funny.


  1. This is the only damned thing I've seen all day that makes any sense.

  2. these guys were great. and i agree with mr. C.

  3. The only way they count money is the first digit and number of 0's behind it. anything over 1 zero they know is good money.

  4. I'll give you two ten trillion for five trillion, and spot you two non-ending wars for your retirement monies.

    Thanks, I think I have the hang of it now. I'm ready to run for office.

  5. Mr. Charleston…Amen brother. Some days I just shake my head in disbelief.

    Harlequin…Amen Sister. They were great and the timing is spot on, the visual motions by Lou Costello are not to be missed. They were a residual of vaudeville, not radio.

    The walking man… (btw the way, I do not capitalize the ‘the’ of your moniker, spell fu…..does…well you get the picture) Amen Brother. I have been watching old films on the turner movie channel and movie classic channel, takes me back to a different time. I just watched ‘My Man Godfrey’ a poignant comment, (without intent) on current affairs and attitudes about the unemployed and rich fucks and business. Almost prophetic.

    Jadedj… (see walkin’ man about the capitol J, I am not a capitalist.) I of course should say Amen brother here, but you would be on that like, ahhhh, chicken on a June bug? White on rice? Politicos on a payoff? Whore on a john??? But I’m not going to say amen brother, I’m gonna say Praise the lord, pass the ammunition, jump back the old white guy is gonna run of office for the payoff, where do I send my tax deductable contribution? You are god’s man of the hour, a true gift to this great nation that is soo corrupted by the evil leftwing progressive liberal socialist commie bastards.
    Thank you thank you thank you.


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