Sunday, August 28, 2011

What Fresh Hell 8/27/11 Duane was very close to the mark.

When I read the blogs, from all of you guys (see already I'm in deep, ( you see, guys is a sexist point of view))  and ya'll keep reminding me of the deep, 'DO' our leaders have lead us to, (with no DO Rag)  well, It makes me just want to write a run on sentence.

God Help, this nation of Whores.
I pay my fair share.

Hey I could be wrong.


  1. You aren't wrong but that's a pretty puny run-on sentence. I sentence you to read Faulkner.

  2. The question is, because this is not a Dream but rather a whores parade, what kind of action are you getting from it.

    I know I am being sucked dry.

  3. JadedJ…I wished to God I were.

    Mr. Charleston…One of my favorite writers, thank you for your advice, I will take in into account as I think about what to write and comment and reflect upon, knowing of course I can never approach such an outstand product of the south, william, of course, not yourself, which on the other hand are not a bad writer, don’t know if I would say great, but good would be a word to use on occasion, that occasion being something worthwhile and interesting not just some wordy comment on a obscure blog, in the middle of blog land.

    The walking man…I might even settle for being sucked off right now, it is the ass F*(%#$g that I’m taking that is insult to the injury.

  4. the sentence does the job you asked it to do. or do do. or doo doo. whatever.

  5. Harlequin...i barely (no pun)
    know you but (no pun) you make me laugh in a room alone. Far more than Mr. J.J. Charleston.
    Thank your for your comment even after my turrets episode.

  6. well, thank you for making my evening. my day, even. once you see my blog entry for today, you will see that i had kind of a shitty day....
    you'll see.

  7. Holy shit. What is all this talk about fecal matter? Did you guys (sic) get ahold of some bad tacos at one of those illegal alien roadside wagons, or something? Anyway, what is all this talk about doo doo, and ca ca, and shit sandwiches being fed to us by the guys (sick) who work for, up there in Turdsville, D.C. who talk in run-on sentences (speaking of the runs) and platitudes (or is that platypuses), and dance the dance, and prance the prance of the sidewinder...the snake of the season, but not reason. Just wondering.

    Btw, pal...we all know WHY you are in that room alone...with a certain magazine. Exploding turrets, indeed.

  8. Jadedj…Holy shit! See that is funny, what with all you added at the end. I do have a few questions though:
    a. is the “illegal alien roadside wagons’ illegal for being a roadside wagon, or for being run my aliens whom are illegal, are the aliens from mars all that different from aliens of Canada, or Mexico, or France, or Italy, or china? But in any case the tacos were great, not bad, but great, unlike the tacos sold by talking dogs in the legal $US, but I digress, thanks for your comment.
    b. BTW your sideways comments about my personal life is unwarranted, I have never be thrown out of my own house by my hand.


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