Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Juxtaposition 8-25-11-2011 Alicais Keys

Alicaia says “Let’s do it ,
Should we do it?

Come on
The Bitch wants to do it!!!
And Mr. Santana said “yeah well ok”

She is
a Black Magic Woman.

Yes ‘em.
‘don’t turn your back in me’

Earth “Fucking Quakes” in Virgina,
“Virgins for Christ”
fuckin’ sake”
In America, the Christian right
Ca Pat Robertson, said it was God’s punishment on the (nigros, Negro, negra?) ahem (niggers) French nitro (sp) in Haties.

(Yaw know VooDoo and god not likeing it al.
To Put a point on it.
Seems like God shoved a DICK up Pat “God Love’s My Dying Ass but hate the voodod nigges in hatie” ‘damn what the fuck is going in, my ass.”

The earth is shakin’ and you are clue less.

Ok I’ll double down,
but, but!!!
I’m holdin’ queens….
Prove me wrong.

It is late and there is too much going on.
the little guys are praying,
and we are all trying to learn.

I need to sign off now
(God say's duck and cover)


  1. There's a whole lotta shakin' goin' on here.

  2. Seriously funny that Cantor now wants Federal Funds for Mineral whatever to repair the place. Why doesn't he sell his ass to another John that would pay for all the loss.

    The only two bad things about that tiny ass quake was it wasn't big enough to drop DC into the sea and congress wasn't in session.

    Hey is Carlos a legal immigrant or does he have a work visa?

  3. Everybody dance... gotta feel good about something!

  4. we felt the shaking all the way up here in southern ontario ( canada). whew.
    i am always happy to see santana.
    i am never happy to see barely concealed racist invective. these guys..... sheesh. what century are they living in??

  5. JadedJ… stick around, it gets better, Elvis shows up.

    the Walkin’ man…two things, your are spot on about the Quake, and all.
    BTW…Carlos gets pass.

    Intelli…there are at least two loving men waiting to dance. (ok OK, two men waiting to dance. Oh for God’s sake, Ok, OK, one is JJ.

    Harlequin…Thank you for overlooking my tourette’s,
    I just get so, WhatthefuckinggoddamnEver!!!
    And for the record I did a bunch for the somethingorothers during the 1960’s.
    Phooey. I just begin to cuss about the ethnics I ran with, when they turn on me,



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