Saturday, August 20, 2011

Hot Dog! 

Man alive,

 I had a Studio with a friend, Andy M,
 We called it HOT Dog Studios.  Ca 1976. 
We were cool and right on!!.  Or not.

Andy rebuilt a VW engine in that space.  
We; him, me and a few other friends put (by hand) that engine back into the chassis.  AndyM drove, that bad boy all the way to Az. Arcosanti be be exact.  
(I have post cards, sent by him, to me, from along the way, with maps) posted by the USPS.
(BTW he has not come back)

Little did we know that day,
(pre Jimmy Carter) that Hot Dogs
Covered in Lard FRIed Corn Batter
Would be a tell
For the 2012 presidential election.

What would Jesus Eat!

Jesus!  the Rats are running in the Ditch.


  1. Alas, poor Andy adrift in Arizona. A pretty place with ugly politics. And I'm thinking Arcosanti is surrounded by teabagging morans (sic) by now.

    It's not so much WHAT Jesus would eat, but more what he would know better than to eat, methinks.

    Digging (when was the last time you heard that word used?) the tune, bro.

  2. Dude there were only four bolts holding that engine in place. I've had 'em on my chest and lifted it until I got two started. Easiest engine in the world to work on.

    Jesus would eat lard fried Matzos.

  3. Dang! This is the fist time I've ever noticed the field of weed growing behind THE Mr. C. No wonder they ate the whole thing.

  4. JadedJ…Andy has moved to Davis, Calf. teaching swimming. Good trait in that part of the country.
    Good point ‘What would Jesus not eat?’
    Cool Daddy, I dig what you are putting down!

    Walkin’ man… we could have used your knowledge in 1975, the Studio would have welcomed you. Oh and BTW Andy would have been gone about 3 weeks earlier.
    It is great to know you know, what the ol’ boy would like. I’ll make a note of that.

    Mr. Charleston… Bad news Bro, them’s called corn fields. Read it and weep.
    Make a 180, drive like hell, (you’ll get there) FOR about 11 hours and take a deep breath.

    If you smell clean, fresh air, Keep Driving.!


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