Saturday, July 30, 2011

The following clip is a motivational looked at by the RNC.


  1. Funny, she doesn't look Republican.

  2. Jadedj, you don't think she bears a resemblance to Eric Cantor? Gee, how'd you miss that.

    This is PERFECT. In any population (Congress is a population), there are a certain percentage of Borderline Personality Disorders. And they usually take control in high stress situations.

    You're welcome.

  3. This girl reminds me of the Republican strategist that was on Bill Maher last night. The one who couldn't keep her mouth shut. Slut.

  4. im not sure how this is motivational. creepy, yes. motivational?

  5. I wouldn't call it motivational but rather definitive.

  6. JadedJ…The Republicans are learning how to hide in plain sight.

    Nance…Thank you. Your insight is most welcome. Now I have to worry, ahem, do I or any of my readers fall into the BPD category?

    Mr. Charleston…Bill Maher is one of the few clear minds on TV. I’m too cheap to pay for HBO so I don’t get to see him that often. Republicans do seem to have to shout, holler and yell a lot on TV these days. Maybe that is what the Dems need to pick up on. We are too damned accommodating. Kick a little ass I say.

    Farnweher…Thank you for commenting and please come back. Good Point.

    the walkin’ man…spot on observation. Missed you for the past few days.

  7. Picking up on your the Dems need to do more shouting. I read on Truth 101's blog a post in which he thinks the Dems need to hire Larry the Cable Guy to get their points across, because the cretin element of the Republican Party need concepts pared down to very simple statements and slogans...such as, "My mother-in-law is now living with us since they took away her Social Security". Making a point through logic, facts and killer charts, just doesn't work with them.

  8. Jadedj...that mother-in-law angle is the cat's meow. Get-r-done.

  9. Well it's a toss up between that and, "Since they took away my Medicare, I am now going to my vet when I get sick".

    BTW Nance...spitting image.


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