Sunday, July 24, 2011

Amy W Quote 7/23/11

My justification is that most people my age spend a lot of time thinking about what they’re going to do for the next five or ten years. The time they spend thinking about their life, I just spend drinking.


  1. An enormous talent, once again, has retired from the field far too soon.

    RIP, Amy.

  2. She was honest about her drinking. It seems she lacked the willingness to do anything about it.

    I dunno, it's just sad.

  3. I must be drinking cause I can barely read this.

  4. I ain't drunk, I'm just drinking.

    What a waste.

  5. Agree with JadedJ. Very sad. Maybe in her own way, she was trying to remain in the present moment.

  6. as someone who deals with this demon one day at a time, i can attest, it's no easy battle. i'm grateful that i was able to grasp on to whatever it is that helps me not drink, because the alternatives are deadly. i lost lots of friends to drinking and drugging.... some of us-- and that includes me-- just can't do a lot of good decision making after that first one.
    and, yes, this is so sad.

  7. Suzan…Yes, too soon, but I’m not sure retired is the best word to use. She is right there with Jimi, Jim and Janis. I wish she had read a bit of history.
    Andrew…She was honest about her drinking and it is sad.
    Mr. Chuck…If you are too drunk to read, ahu maybe you need to listen to the TV about how Amy checked out.
    Jadedj…See above. The true waste has yet to be seen, the young people who will follow her lead.
    Susan…Yes a large waste. It seems her moment was spent with the bottle present, all too often.
    Harlequin…you have met the beast, a delightful little creature that just giggles her way into you soul and says ‘come on just one more’. Perhaps if Amy W had been present for a moment with Bill W, she might be here singing for the next five or ten years.

  8. Punch my friend, the type on this page is so small I's nearly impossible to read.

  9. Kurt Cobain said something similar but he substituted guns for booze.

  10. that picture isnt Amy, is it? it looks really much uglier than I remember her, and the hair looks totally wrong.

  11. Mr. Charleston…I’ll work on it, but I think it is beyond my control to make it any larger. Smaller, it seems, but not larger. I’ll keep trying.

    the walking man…Yes much more dramatic. Some reports hold that the family is saying she stopped drinking cold turkey, against her Doctors advice and her body could not adjust to the change up. Alcohol is the only drug that can kill you if you just stopped too quickly. It will also kill you if you don’t stop abusing. Bitch of an addiction if you ask me.

    Fernweher…sad to say that is her. See the tattoos? The gap in the front teeth and the missing tooth on her right side upper, the real deal. The alcoholic really must work to hide the private face from the public face. She was stunning when she went on stage and her voice haunting.
    Same with Charlie Sheen. Wait till you see him with out the contacts and the teeth inserts. Scary, especially when compared to him in Ferris Bueller’s day off.

  12. Good informative post, bro. Having lost my mother to this addiction, and now possibly a close friend (no, not Charleston), I still wasn't aware of the toxic factor. A bitch indeed.

  13. Hi Punch. Re the 27 club, perhaps she had read a bit of history? Very sad either way. Lou

  14. JadedJ...I a saddened to hear about your mother. I am sure that is a painful memory. I will keep a thought for you friend.
    Lou...welcome back. I was thinking about you just the past week. Hope all is good with you. You make a good point about the 27 club. Music wishes she had made different choices. Keep in touch.


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