Saturday, July 9, 2011

Juxtaposition 7-9-11


  1. Not so sure this is all that much of a juxtaposition, but my vote's with the lovely Linda. Oh yeah.

  2. Linda is running? Hellsbells, now we have a viable candidate. I can see it now...LOVELACE - Strange you can count on!

  3. well, those Palin images were subtle....

    lovelace running.... i agree with mr. c !! now there's a woman with depth... across a whole lot of dimensions!

  4. Mr. Charleston…I guess you are right. But Linda next to Sarah is interesting to me.
    JadedJ…Alas no Linda is not running but did in the 70’s. She did find Jesus though. She was killed in 2002. A loss to American Politics.
    Harlequin…the images were subtle, thanks for noticing. Took a while to find them. Yes Linda did have depth and passed on a whole new aspect joy.


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