Monday, September 5, 2011

Juxtaposition 9-3-2011 Unchain this anglican heart

A Ford Angelia. the walking man can correct me on this, for I do believe that is a blown engine.

The dickheads in Washington are about to blow an engine that ran fine while normally aspirated, but they have now hopped it up on extoic fuels and, AND have wild broads, on the starting lines, throwing whole bags of tea into the air inlets.

Oh and none of these broads want to get fucked,
they just want to fuck with you.
Hey that's just my opinion.
I could be wrong.

 I know it's mean, but what if
Just what
but only if:
Michelle Bachmann were banging Mit Romney.
and Sara Palin were banging Rick Perry.
And Rick Santorum were catching with Dick Chaney pitchin'.

Which do you think would make the best couple for the white house.
Ok, ok , I'll hush now.


  1. You've given us a lot to think about here, Punch. What I believe, however, is that no matter how you pair 'em up, ALL of us are f--ked.

  2. Right on Sister,
    Right On.
    I wish I could argue with you, that might be fun. These cats are nothing but...
    well, name you poison.

  3. this little "what if" experiment of yours gives new meaning and significance to abstinence.

    and i agree with intelliwench.... either way....

  4. Heh...Punch, I'm afraid to argue with you. But you're right, you'd probably have fun :-)

  5. Jadedj…these guys are a scary breed. In or Out. (oh yuk, them and in and out)
    Harlequin…yes indeed, it makes Mr. Wiggly run and hide to see these folks up on a platform.
    Intelli…well, I’m sure I would have fun but it is much mo’ better fun if you do too.
    Brett…a man after my own heart.

  6. Nope
    Palin Bachmann
    Perry Cheney
    Romney bottom to Santorum (just because he's taken it enough to be googled and turned out as a bottom)

  7. Seems like a whole lot of fuckin' goin' on. So much so that it's all fucked up. So says the fuckee.


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